Bad Credit Payday Loans Help You Get Money In Spite Of Poor Credit

You will find a few significant options if you are trying to find outside account to accomplish aside together with early expenses on the mid associated with month. The foremost is that you can see your kith and also relative for asking for funds. The second is that you will split your own savings account. The third is that you could navigate to the loan providers business office to apply for that loan. To consider financing is an excellent selection for removing shot form of expenditures in the mid of thirty day period. If that's the case its not necessary to look anywhere. The following, you are able to submit an application for a bad credit score payday advances with no doubt and acquire the money in as little as feasible period.

For obtaining bad credit payday loans you have to opt for on the internet. You have to fulfill straightforward on the internet form with the required details related to your name, tackle phone number, e-mail id, mail signal, night telephone number, age etc and then, send it in on the website from the loan. Following verifying of the specifics, the particular fund will get approved directly into your money on the same day of the program submission. The internet software mode saves time and account for you because it is free of faxing files, considerable forms as well as other thank you's.

Beneath bad credit pay day loans you may get your hands on the particular fund which range from a hundred in order to 1500 for that payment phrase of 18 to be able to thirty-one times. You can even lengthen the actual compensation phrase according to your ease if you are paying a bit charge for the loan company. Interest charged on the approved cash is a bit large when compared to the standard lending options. You possibly can make technique poor credit pay day loans for assorted small term functions including home rentals, power bills, cell phone expenses, kids university or even college tuition costs, charge card fees, going on the actual weekend break getaway tour to country, medical bills, acquiring presents and could a lot more.

Multipets Original 6 Inch Assorted Colors

Multipet's Original Loofa Dog Latex Ruff 6-Inch Dog Toy, Assorted Colors
Multipet's Original Loofa Dog Latex Ruff 6-Inch Dog Toy, Assorted Colors Read more...

  • Plush filled latex dog toy
  • Great for small dogs
  • Assorted colors
  • Pets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discarded

  •

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    Kyjen Holly Hedgehog Junior Plush Herself Approves

    Kyjen Holly the Hedgehog Junior Plush Dog Toy
    Kyjen Holly the Hedgehog Junior Plush Dog Toy

  • The hedgehog shape fits naturally in the dog's mouth and makes it fun to carry around
  • Also features a squeaker and rattle for ultimate entertainment
  • Junior size is great for smaller dogs

  • Herself Approves The 'tween dachshund doesn't usually go for the nongrunting hedgehog but this one meets with her approval. It's just the right size for her and the squeaker feels pretty sturdy. To my surprise she hasn't ripped out too much of the fur yet. So I have a happy dog and cleaner carpets. We're a week or so into it and the toy is still squeaking and providing her with entertainment so I approve too.
    so cute and extremely durable!!! LOVE IT ! After loving Hide a squirrel from Kyjen I bought the Junior Girl Hedgehog for my boxer puppy when he was 8 weeks old. He loved it from beginning on and he still plays with it. It is made very durable.He can squeak the hedgehog the whole day!The face of the girl hedgehog looks so cute and is adorable. To me it is the cutest hedgehog toy I have seen so far.
    Peace of mind This is my Shihtsu's favorite toy and the only plush toy I feel is safe for my dogs. My dogs destroy most plush toys in seconds but this little hedge hog is tough. After a year no torn seems and no stuffing coming out.
    Great toy for small dogs! I have a 2yr old Chug Chihuahua/Pug and a 1yr old Puggle Pug/Beagle. They went nuts when I gave this toy to them. My Chug hasn't been into playing with stuffed animals very much but he loves this little hedgehog. My Puggle is a destroyer and loves to tear the stuffing out of her toys within a day or so of having them but this one has survived so far.

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    • Kyjen PP01056 Hide-A-Squirrel Pet Toy, Large NF Terrier playing with this toy

    • Kyjen Egg Babies Dog Toy, Original Series, Platypus Dog is Crazy about this
      onmouseover= ...Read the full
    • Kyjen Plush Puppies Hedgehog II Dog Toy, Deluxe Hedgie's the BEST! Our dog a black lab mix who is extremely hyperactive! has had several of these hedgehog toys and loves them to the max! She plays with them . . . allows us to throw them for her . . . and even sleeps with them. She often just nuzzles and nibbles ...Read the full

    • Kyjen Oakley the Octopus Junior Plush Pet Toy Dog loves Oakley the Octopus Jr  

      PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Control PBC00 10782 Does not work

      PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Bark Control Collar, PBC00-10782
      PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Bark Control Collar, PBC00-10782

    • Bark-control collar designed for small dogs with a big bark
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • 10 levels of correction lets you adjust to your dog?s personality
    • For dogs up to 55 pounds
    • Patented Perfect Bark detection uses vibration and sound

    • Works very well I have a 16 pound Peekapoo so I was worried his long hair would prevent the collar from working. It works very well and I didn't have to shave the hair around his neck. Just make sure it's tight enough. The collar doesn't prevent him from barking completely it just reduces his barks to one or two alerts to let me know someone's at the door then he stops barking. This is exactly what I wanted because I didn't want to confuse the dog and make him think barking was strictly prohibited. After 4 weeks of using the collar the battery still works. We don't use it every single day. Just on days when we think the dog will bark a lot because of all the activity outside or when we're expecting guests. Works very well.
      PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar This product simply did not work on our Welsh Corgi. No matter how tight the collar was or how short I shaved her neck she rarely recieved any correction. As stated in other reviews the collar moves too easily and unless it is perfectly positioned on practically bare skin at all times you won't get consistent results. Customer support said the probes can't be longer because of the design. I think that says it allpoor design for the money.
      Does not work I have three small dogs two of which are problem barkers. The problem is that the collar isn't very good at detecting a bark. The packaging states that it isn't supposed to shock them for every bark which makes plenty of sense but the problem is that it almost never fires at all.It partly works on our Jack Russel which has a relatively deeptoned bark. When he wears the collar he does reduce his barking after it shocks him a few times but mostly he changes how he barks in a way that doesn't set off the collar.
      An AMAZING transition!!! Folks I read every negative review on here and still bought this collar and am SO glad I did! We have a 35lb. Beagle/Spaniel mix who barked constantly at nothing! We tried absolutely everything training negative reinforcement positive reinforcement ignoring so as to not reward the demand for attention literally everything. We initially avoided Correction collars as we assumed that they would hurt the dog. Simply stated we were wrong and should not have waited so long.The thing I noticed about the negative reviews is that they shared one common thread they were all toy windup dogs that were bred to do nothing but shake and yap all day long! That said I'm doubtful there is ANY correction method short of a muzzle that will shut some of those dogs up. Unless you have a purse dog that runs on 9volt batteries and yaps at its own shadow DO NOT pay attention to these reviews or allow them to dissuade you from purchasing this collar!My adventure began as such After exhausting all direct training techniques we moved to audible correction those units that respond to barking by emitting a high frequncy sound that interrupts the barking. We encountered several problems with this. First the dog either couldn't associate the noise with barking OR became used to the sound and ignored it. We also noticed that my own voice triggered the darn thing and actually CAUSED the dog to bark. In short this wasn't a viable option.While shopping at Pet Supply Plus for Alternative training methods I met a nice lady who trains police K9 units for a living. She explained that the type of barking we were experiencing was the dog demanding our attention and that any manual corrective action simply rewarded the dog by doing exactly that getting our attention. She explained that she uses these The largebreed model on her Sheppards to teach them to ONLY bark on command she removes the collar and commands them to bark sans correction.
      It works There was an ongoing battle with the wife. How do we stop the little dog from barking all the time. Our dog is part terrier and chihuahua. She's full of energy and loves to run and bark. Unfortunately I work from home and had to deal with 80% of her barking. It had to stop. I had tried PetSafe's bark collar before. But it was too big. Then I ran across this collar for LittleDogs. Most of the reviews were encouraging regarding the effect the collar had on barking. I let my wife read some of themespecially the reviews written by empathetic pet owners who thought the electric shock was horrible. Until they tried it out and realized it wasn't that bad.This collar has worked great for us. The dog wears the collar throughout most of the day. The first week I kept the collar in the ON position ALL the time. Since then I typically turn the collar OFF. The dog doesn't know the difference. The shock informed her what the collar can do when she barks BUT the collar itself has become the real bark deterrent.Back to empathetic pet owners. The shock is not bad at all. It's more of a sting I've tried it. In reality it just alerts or stuns our pup. She doesn't get hurt.The only reason it gets 4 and not 5 stars is the fit. The description is a little deceiving as it claims it for Little Dogs. Our dog is 11 lbs and the collar doesn't really fit her perfect. It's just kind of on therenot snug not loose just there. We would tighten the collar but the device with prongs is pretty large for her. In my opinion this collar is perfect for a dog 1518 lbs to 35 lbs. Anything smaller or dogs with smaller necks it's not really ideal.BUTIT DOES WORK. No complaints from me on that part. Oh yea it also has a quick release design. This is great once you get the collar trimmed and set all you do is snap it on and off.
      works great on 3040 lb dogs I have owned this bark collar for my 30 lb springer and it works wonders. I do have to keep her neck shaved to prevent the hair from neutralizing the shock. Lots of people are complaining about the battery I have owned my for 3+ years and changed the battery 3 times. I have used other petsafe collars on my larger springer and the batteries have been horrible. I am going to by this same collar for my other dog if he ever starts barking again. He used the collar for about 1 month and problem solved he is a very sensitive boy. I would recommend this collar to others but probably not for dogs under 20 lbs do to the plastic collar.
      Never Worked Eventally Gave Up My experience is with the Pet Safe BC103 not this model but I was so dissatisfied I don't want other to go through what I did. I really don't have a lot of use for it as my dog is well trained at home but I need the collar when I am in hotels or at places where he is excited and it is critical not to make noise. Thus the reason for waiting so long to write a review. My complaints are It is difficult to determine if it is working so I was always playing with it to try and determine if it was broken a dead battery or OK.
      Dog Collars Fast Shipment.
      DO NOT BUY THIS COLLAR! This collar did not work very long at all! I too kept buying the expensive batteries & it would only work for a week or two I just fianlly threw it away! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I am low income so this feels a lot like a HUGE RIPOFF! SHAME ON YOU PET SAFE! Why not just make a decent collar that actually works? If you ripoff enough of us you'll eventually get a very bad reputation. I guess you'll make plenty of money from idiots like me before that happens though.
      Collar not replaceable Don't buy this. Yes it works good. But if your dog managed to chew the collar or you break the collar there isNO replacement collar for this model. Choose one that you can get a replacement collar for it's a bad design.

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      • PetSafe 6-Volt Lithium Battery (2 Batteries per Pack) Dead Battery One of two batteries in the pack was dead out of the package. The company will not accept returns after the package is opened ...Read the full

      • PetSafe 3-Volt Lithium Battery Module, RFA-188 CHANGE THE BATTERY YOURSELF FOR 3 BUCKS! OK so scrolling through the reviews here there are endless 1star the battery dies in a month reviews. No kiddin! We saw it the first second third fourth etc Time! I had a Petsafe collar with a red blinking light I took out ...Read the full

      • Petsafe RFA-188 Battery Economy 4-Pack Petesafe battery deal 4pack Amazon purchase I have 3 small dogs and the Petsafe Bark collors really work when I'm not home. The 4pack price is much cheaper then having to buy them at the single price. ...Read the full

      • PetSafe Big Dog Bark Control Collar Effective bark control This collar has saved a lot of anger in the middle of the night with our constantly barking Pyrenees. It does not hurt her but it gives just enough of a buzz to remind her to shush until it comes off of her neck.We ...Read the full

      Charming Products Jeff Squeaky Latex Waste of money

      Charming Pet Products Jeff. E. Coli Squeaky Latex Dog Toy
      Charming Pet Products Jeff. E. Coli Squeaky Latex Dog Toy Read more...

    • Guaranteed to bring a laugh to pet owners as well as hours of fun to their favorite canine companion.
    • Surfin' Chicken Dude
    • Toys are hand-painted, lead free and made of all-natural latex
    • Latex Poly filled Chicken Dog Toy
    • Meet the squawkers

    • Fun Stuff The product was okay but it took two weeks to get to me when I was supposed to get it in two days. They shouldn't advertise something saying it was in stock when it wasn't. I think the company should have discounted it or thrown in an extra goody to make up for their mistake that would be good customer service.
      Waste of money Purchased this for my mini dachshund. Lasted less than an hour. He tore the head off and broke the squeaker. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with a dog that has powerful jaws.

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      • Charming Large Henrietta Chicken Henrietta is making my dog CRAZY!!! When I first found Henrietta in our local feed & supply store I thought why not Karma loves things that make noise. Well BIG mistake. She immediately took it out of the bag and started honking away. ...Read the full

      • Charming Large Earl Rooster Charming Dog Toy! I have two dogs a yellow lab 93 pounds and a 6 month old Boxer. I was worried they might rip this toy up in about 2 seconds but I am pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is!!! My dogs love this thing they play tug of war with it the puppy chews ...Read the full

      • Charming Pet Products Small Grandma Hippie Chick Squeaky Latex Dog Toy my cocker spaniel loves this! My dog loves this toy so much I have purchased it again! It is her favorite toy and it gets heavy daily use. I suspect the unique shape of the toy sets it apart from the rest of her toys but it is also durable depending on the dog of ...Read the full

      • Charming Pet Products Large Grampa Gimpy Hip Squeaky Latex Dog Toy Dogs loves it My dog loves these toys. I have also given them as gifts to other dogs and dog owners. They always rip the beak and/or heads off eventually but they love playing with it. The squeaker is loud and obnoxious but that is part of ...Read the full

      • Charming Pet Products Small Chicktoria Squeaky Latex Dog Toy Funny! Our Boston Terrier bit the face of within a couple of hours but sure had fun doing it!! We knew she would so we didn't really buy it as a lasting toy. Now that the face is off she tosses it all over the house. .hhmmmmmaybe she was ...Read the full

      Royal Canin Yorkshire Formula 2 5 Pound Yum Yum

      Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Yorkshire Puppy 29 Formula, 2.5-Pound Bag
      Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Yorkshire Puppy 29 Formula, 2.5-Pound Bag Read more...

    • Intense flavors and aromas stimulate even the most delicate appetite
    • Specialized kibbles help to reduce dental plaque and limit tartar formation
    • Protects and nourishs the long and fragile coat

    • Yum Yum So I have a TeaCup Yorkie and he's about 4 months now. I bought him from a breeder and they sent me home with a zip back of kibble and bits. So as I had given it to him he wasnt eating it at all. I tried a few other brands of food and still there were no results of him eating it because he liked it. So finally afther days of research I decided to go and purchase Royale Canin and from the time I poured it in his bowl he hasn't stopped eating it. I'm happy that we are finally getting somewhere with this.
      My Yorkie Loves it! This is the ONLY food that my yorkie will eat. This size will last about a month and a halfAgain depends on the size of your pupbut worth it. Her coat is silky and this food does not make her ill.
      Really Appeals to Yorkie Who Wouldn't Eat I had a lot of difficulty getting my yorkie puppy to eat consistently. He would not eat for so many hours that at times he would throw up bile. The vet said some dogs do this when they don't eat. The breeder fed him Royal Canin mini puppy 33 and I continued which he ate sporadically. Tried other foods and tried following advice to put food down for only 20 minutes at a time 23 times a day. Finally found this product and learned that yorkies have reduced sense of smell and need food that has stronger food scent. The kibble is small and it even smells good to me. He loves it and is doing very well now. What a relief.
      Very pleased I had a very sick Yorkie puppy who was just failing to thrive. Getting him to eat anything was a challenge and he was not gaining weight. We tried this food and I'm happy to report that my pup has double his weight in 6 weeks and is happy growing and healthy.
      Royal Canin Yorkshire Puppy 29 Have a very fussy 9 week old Yorkie. Tried variety of puppy foods canned and dry and it was a challenge to get her to eat any of them.
      Tasty Treats for the Pooch My dog likes this food. Its high quality and not full of byproducts. And do you know what less byproduct means? LESS POOP. True fact.

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      Petstages 190 Stages Healthy Hoops DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL!!

      Pet Stages Healthy Hoops
      Pet Stages Healthy Hoops

    • Strengthens neck and chest for better health
    • Combines canvas and rope for tough tugging
    • Materials are easy on teeth and gums

    • DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL!! Be mindful this ISNT a chew toyit's specifically for the exercising of the neck and chest muscles. And that's EXACTLY what you can see it do. This is the 2nd one I've bought for our 7 m.o. Lhasapoo puppy. She plays with it more than any of the others. She gets them around a leg and then pulls up a selfimposed tug of war! It's a great toss and fetch toy also. It won't last forever with an avid chewer as I said this is Daisy's 2nd one! because it's not made for that. BUT it does do exactly what the company says it will.
      hudson's fav My minpin loves this toy. He plays with it for hours. you can throw it like a frisbee play tug and he wrestles with it. i bought three just in case it is discontinued.
      Ripped apart after 3 days To be fair it says that you shouldn't leave this toy around and it is not a chew toy. But I don't pick up after the toys as often as I should and after 3 days the green and blue ring's outer layer is in shreds. One of the cloths that's holding the rings together is gone too. My puppy does like it though and we have played fetch with it many times. There were more than a few funny moments when he was running with it in his mouth and some how his feet yes both of them at the same time went through the hoops and he just flips over. Good laughs and he wasn't hurt.Always love the colorful patterns of petstages toys too.
      Three Ring Circus! This is one of our dog's favorite toys! He loves to hold it in his mouth and use it as a shovel to push his other toys around on the floor! He did want to chew the rings at first but we have been careful to correct that behavior when it occurs and offer him an appropriate chewie instead. So he has learned that this and certain other toys aren't chew toys and he really enjoys playing with his rings whether it's his own game of shovel or a game of tug.
      Bad idea for my puppies This toy lasted only 1 hour in my house. Instead of playing tug'o'war with it my puppies each took a ring and chewed it until it broke in two and the red plastic twine that was holding it together was all over the house. We have one ring left the green and purple because that one is all material and not plastic.

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      • Dog Toy Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick Fantastic Puppy Toy! This toy is a fantastic toy for puppies. It's meant for teething puppies to cool their sore gums but it also has appeal for puppies who are no longer teething. The crinkling edges ribbons and knotted ties have a lot of appeal. Beware ...Read the full

      • Pet Stages Soft Toss Ring pups love it My pups love this to fetch play tug a war with each other and just teeth on. Some of the pieces around the sides make a crinkling sound so it always is effective to distract them if they are chewing on something they shouldn't. ...Read the full

      • Pet Stages Rag Rope Ball My dogs love this toy! I have two fullgrown Rhodesian Ridgeback/Rottweiler mixes and they both love this toy. It's been difficult finding toys that can withstand more than five minutes of play before being torn apart but these rope balls have lasted forever. In ...Read the full

      • Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush LiL Squeak Zebra Dog Toy for Small Dogs cutest doggie toy I should really put a video on here but you will just have to imagine 2 little 5 pound Chihuahuas playing tug of war with this toy. They love it! So far they have not been able to tear it apart and even if they dono ...Read the full

      Ethical 2 Inch Latex Soccer Ball Latex Balls

      Ethical 2-Inch Latex Soccer Ball Dog Toy
      Ethical 2-Inch Latex Soccer Ball Dog Toy

    • Assorted colors
    • Approximately 2-inch in diameter
    • Ideal for small dogs and puppies

    • Who said a ball should be ROUND??? My rescue Corgi Joey has only ONE toy that he will play with.the woman who fostered Joey told me so and I thought OKI'll find some other things Now two years later I find she was correcta small LATEX not vinyl soccer ball is the as we said in the Armyonliest thing Little Joey will play with. Joey has battled an autoimmune condition erythema which requires him to be on massive doses of prednisone but that's the price for keeping Little Joey alive.There seem to be two makers of these tiny latex ballsthe one here which is very very soft vinyl from Ethical Toys and a bit more rigid one made by a subsidiary of Petsmart.This super soft one is flat really flat after the first nip by the dog. In a defensive remark on Arcata Pets they state they are NOT inflated and were never meant to be that way.. well then why bother making them round?I have greater annoyance with Petsmart's toy packaged as either Toy Shoppe Playables or Great Choice dog toy. It goes without saying that these are all made in China probably by some peasant earning pennies an hour.Being the overindulgent pet owner that I am I have probably bought 50 of these latex balls at Petsmart for $1.99 each. The flimsy squeaker inside is the source of delight to the dog and the squeaker lasts anywhere from five minutes to a week.A week I can stand.five minutes is not quite fair. Since the label guarantees satisfaction I keep taking them back to Petsmart for new ones. I have called the Petsmart corporate office and related my story. We'll see what happens meanwhile Little Joey waits for the only toy he'll ever want.Whatever you do don't get your dog hooked on these latex balls whether they are flat or round.
      My dog went nuts This is her third soccer squeaky ball the 2 others are still okay but have tears here and there and squeakers either gone and not working properly. But just the sight of my fur girl going nuts when I hold the ball just makes me laughshe's ball crazy! The only problem with this product is that the squeaker/whistle comes off gluing it won't last either.
      Latex Balls I bought these balls for my 9 year old Doxie! The bill came to a little over $22.00! After given her a ballWithin 3 minutes it was ripped in half. The balls are paper thin and they should not cost what they did!They would be fine if she had no teeth. I just wish I knew how durable they were going to be. I wouldnot recommend them. For the cost of them not worth the money at all .
      Latex Pet Ball This is a great item. I used to be able to get them from the large pet retailers but they stopped carrying this item. My dogs love these and thus I buy them in large quantities. They love to chew the squeekers out of them. We use them as rewards! Couldn't be happier for the price paid.
      dog balls We purchased the balls because our dog loved those kinds and we couldn't find any locally. We bought lots of them to last awhile. Half of them were low on air or almost flat. The others were fine. We hope to use a pump to blow them up when we need them. Haven't tried it yet but hopefully it will work.
      Not good customer service Ordered 3 soccer balls for my little guy for Christmas. The picture shows white with black soccer balls. 2 of the balls sent were colors. You need to read the fine print to see assorted colors. Surprisingly my dog will not play with the reds purplesassorted colors etc..only the white ones. So I contacted Gary and he said reenter the order send me an email and I'll see that you get white ones. I followed up with him just to find out he was unable to get the order B4 it shipped out. He said don't worry they shipped 2 of the white/black soccer balls. Well you guessed it after I received the 2nd order they did not send any white/black soccer balls but another blue/green and red/purple.When I contacted Gary a third time he said no problem I just put 2 white/black in the mail to you myself. That's over a week ago and we have not received anything. Funny we received the 2 orders but his package mysteriously hasn't shown up yet.Funny thing is I wouldn't be so peeved if he would have just told me in the beginning he can't control what colors are shipped out. Instead this has been going on since 11/13/2012 and it's just been a frustrating experience. It's not nice to mislead the public and it's really not nice to say you've done something if in fact you didn't.If these 2 soccer balls show up I'll be happy to retract this review. Until then be careful what you order.
      My dogs love these soccer balls This is a favorite toy for our two dachshund puppybabies. They prefer these over all other doggie toys. Great product.
      Toys for small mouths I have two small dogs. it is nearly impossible to find toys small enough for them in the large pet stores. As a matter of fact I purchased a dozen of these so I know I will have them in the future. Somehow manufacturers think small is 3 inches. Well when your mouth is 1 inch or smaller 3 inches is a pretty big bite. I was very pleased to find these 2 inch soccer balls. They are soft enough that even a small mouth can get a good hold on it. My nine month old Cavalier puppy is a ball chaser so he really adores this toy. We play fetch for an hour or more at time. I would recommend these to anyone who has a small dog who needs a small toy.

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      Canidae 12 Pack Chicken Formula 13 Ounce Canidae Dog Food

      Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth, 13-Ounce Can
      Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth, 13-Ounce Can Read more...

    • A can a day for every 20 lbs. of body weight. Puppies may need up to twice the amount for the same body weight and nursing mothers up to three times.
    • Natural Skin & Coat Conditioners
    • To achieve a balanced diet and maintain firm stools, CANIDAE recommends a feed ration of 25% canned to 75% dry dog food by weight.

    • My dogs love it and love the combination beef and fish! I always wanted to try out Canidae for my dogs and when I saw the price Amazon offered for these I had to go for it. The ingredients are awesome except carrageenan and before I purchase I read the reviews for concerning it contains carrageenan. Yes I read about the study that it caused cancer in the lab rats although it is a naturally derived from the nature. Carrageenan is in many food items for humans too to provide thickness and sliminess to the food. Even for those healthy soy milk it's very hard to find the ones that does not come with Carrageenan. There's always something that may or may not cause cancer but we always have to remember that it does not cause immediately and only taken in large quantities. So my judgement is that if I don't give the dog food that contains Carrageenan all the time then my dogs should be okay. So if you want to entirely avoid anything that may cause cancer then you don't want to buy these. Otherwise they are fabulous dog foods and I'll just wish that Canidae come up with something else in the future to add sliminess to it.
      Trouble opening the cans I don't know if anyone else has trouble with the pulltabs on these Canidae cans but I sure do. The tab part is very flimsy and doesn't hold up well while trying to pull open the top. I have almost cut myself several times. End up having to pry the top off with a fork after the pulltop breaks off. Otherwise it's an acceptable product although I do prefer Evangers. But Evangers has become more expensive for some reason.
      Warning this product may contain a doggy stimulant First things first unfortunately there is not an option for Dog Loves It on Amazon's reviews so I hope this is not misleadingI personally have never eaten the stuff so this should not be viewed as I like this and I haven't been able to teach my dog to verbally communicate yet so I'm going to have to go off of body language cues. That being said.15 month old female German Shepherd with a sensitive stomach seems to love it. Had her on it for 5 months now. Half a can mixed with your dry food of choice 2X a day and you'll have a pretty darn wild dog at and post feeding time. Just bought a pack of the chicken grain free to see if it elicits equal enthusiasm. Inevitably some of the cans always wind up at my doorstep dented but I don't think that has any impact on the product.
      Quality dog food My dogs are picky but they do eat Canidae not the no grain Canidae but this one. Canidae has a premium dog food canned and dry. Get what you pay for with this product.
      excellent ingredients but my dogs don't like it much I am trying to get my dogs all shelter dogs although one is purebred off lowquality grainbased foods and bought this to add to their high quality lamb and rice kibble which they eat well. They wouldn't eat it at first and then only grudgingly. I am going to try again but I am distressed because I don't like throwing out food. I will try mixing in some cheaper stuff and trying to move toward feeding this. But I am warning anyone who is trying this that it isn't immediately appealing to my five totally different and hungry dogs.
      Dog wont touch it I bought this brand because I heard good things about it and I was comfortable with the ingredients that were list. When I tried to feed it to my dog he would not touch it and usually he is not a picky eater. This is not a negative review in any way against the product itself but just an FYI to other pet owners.
      Quality dog food but he still can't have it For about three months we were feeding this formula and the Senior formula to our 18yearold Gilligan mainly because he has a very long list of health issues that we try to sidestep like landmines and I strongly believe the prescription foods sold at the vet office are nothing but crap. I have researched and studied dog foods for several years now and although I believe Canidae is one of better foods out there Gilligan began having seizures just weeks after he begun eating it and we now home cook his meals. Gilligan has not had seizures in his lifetime so we were baffled when all of a sudden he developed a pattern of having a seizure about 34 hours after his meal. His vet said that the pattern made sense to her because ammonium levels are highest in the blood about 34 hours after eating and if the liver doesn't process the protein efficiently it can definitely cause seizures in the brain. The day I stopped feeding him the canned food was the last day he had a seizure and that was about two months ago.
      Canidae Canned Dog Food It is a great product. Our standard poodle has a problem with keeping weight on even though he is a ravinous eater. He put 5lbs on and looks great. We add the canned dog food to his dry with a little water. Also never a problem with shipping or packaging.
      Canidae Dog Food This is the dog food I had chosen for my 5 dogsbut until nowI did not find a good price. Thank you Amazon. My dogs love it.
      Puppy likes it! I feed this to my puppy along with the dry formula to get her to eat more. She now is licking the bowl clean!She does seem to have large bowel movements with this but it is getting her eating and I know I can trust the ingredients.

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      Medium Lock Play Interactive Puppy the BEST interactive treat toy i've found

      Medium Blue Lock n' Play Interactive Puppy Dog Toy
      Medium Blue Lock n' Play Interactive Puppy Dog Toy Read more...

    • This material flexes more to prevent puppy teeth from tearing into the toy.
    • Made of #7 recycled plastic
    • Medium: Length(3") Width(1.5") Height(4.5")
    • Puppy is for growing pups with sharp puppy teeth.

    • the BEST interactive treat toy i've found As a busy professional i leave my dog home during the day and leave her interactive toys filled with treats/food to keep her busy.1 The longer she is occupied the better.2 The more time i save in the morning preparing the treat the better.I own all the following interactive toys that you fill with treatsBusy Buddy Twist and TreatKong WobblerKongOurpets IQ treat ballBusy Buddy Biscuit BlockEverlasting Bento Balland much more.guess what? The Wigzi Lock n Play is the BEST for those 2 above reasons. Beats all of the above. Simply put its the FASTEST to fill with treats just squeeze to pop in a treat. The orifice is large and accomodates almost any size treat. AND its nearly as challenging as the Kong for my dog to work on. Kong takes more time to fill. Vs all the other toys which take time to twist open stuff and fill into their oftentoosmall orifices.I am busy and dont have time to fumble with openings that are too small difficult to twist/screw that don't fit a variety of treats and i dont want spend energy cutting the treats to size. That's why the Wigzi Lock earns my stars. It also does not have that rubber smell that dogs tend to dislike and its made in the USA.For extra long lasting play i pop in a Nature's Instict Raw Frozen medallion into a Wigzi Lock and that's it! 5 seconds.
      My two little dogs love them I have a Chihuahua 1.5 years and a Smooth Fox Terrier 0.5 years and they just love them. I let them with a cookie with Kong stuff'n and it keep them busy for a very long time.

      Hartz Zoo Balloons Dog Vary Cute toy not for chewers

      Hartz Zoo Balloons Dog Toy (Toy May Vary)
    • Constructed of advanced quality flexa-foam material
    • Soft texture with better bounce-back
    • Perfectly shaped for playing fetch in the back yard
    • Enhanced durability and no rubber odor

    • Dog Loved it While it Lasted Which was less than an hour! The rubber is way too thin even for a small breed. Don't waste you money.
      Tuff Enuff I have a 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd Mr. Eko like echo. These are literally the only toys that he doesn't destroy in 5 minutes. They are his 'babies'. He knows rhino lion and gator by name and takes them everywhere with him. Loves the sound and it bounces good when new. They do wear out eventually after a few months of very hard play so I keep an extra set on deck. Keep them out of the sun for extended periods to keep the outer shell soft. Punctures happen with his strong bite but all you lose is the squeak. The inner foam keeps it usable much long after. Keeps him occupied for hours. Great for chewers. Only downside is that the squeaker is too good. It wears on ya. =o Would like to be able to specify which animal to receive but ordered 6 and got 2 of each. I recommend for pups on up.
      Not Terrier Proof I purchased this toy for my 2 West Highland White Terriers. They love squeaky toys and I hoped this one would be tough enough to withstand their powerful bite. It did not. The lion balloon toy lasted almost 2 days before they punctured the skin and killed the squeaker. They still play with it occasionally but without the squeak it is not as much fun for them.
      Great toy to play fetch with! My 19 lb maltipoo mix loves this! It squeaks bounces randomly and has appendages for him to pick up by since the ball is too big for him to pick up in his mouth.
      Dog tore it apart in minutes My dog loved this toy unfortunately he tore it apart in minutes and started munching on the materials inside. If your dog tears apart most rubber toys I would advise against this toy.
      My dog loves this toy!! My dog Pepper is an aggressive chewer! Everything and anything including my coach shoes!!The first one we got her she managed to rip off a little leg which was obvious.. aggressive chewer? but after that she became very gentle and caring for them she has two now and just loves them to death! They are SUPER loud and squeeky.. Which I assume attracts her to them.. But other than that this toy is great! I have managed to buy four.. two for Christmas and two just for a little surprise.
      Cute toy not for chewers My Shih Tzu is 11 pounds and destroyed the sqweeker within 15 minutes and tonight she was trying to eat it. Thanks anyway.
      One of my puppy's favorite toys! I thought this thing would be done fast but my puppy never could get a good grip on it to tear it apart. He tried and tried to get it apart but never could. He loves chewing on it loves when we squeak it at him and loves to chase it. The toy's death came about a week ago when i tried to wrestle it out of my puppy's mouth and it got caught on one of his razor sharp puppy teeth and tore. Not his doing but mine.
      This toy is great depending on the one you get. I purchased the Rhino of this set at the grocery store over a year ago. It has an awesome squeaker that will get really high if you squeeze it hard. Makes my dog go crazy mad when you squeeze the toy and throw it and it will continue squeaking while in the air. It is a great general toy for throwing around the house. Well I can't find this toy anywhere in stores anymore and her rhino had gotten a tear in it in a place where it wasn't squeaking anymore so I purchased one off amazon and got the alligator. The alligators entire top snout was torn off in one piece in about 30 minutes and from there it all went downhill.The rhino she would chew on but never tore the 'skin'. I will not be buying this again from amazon for fear that I will get the alligator with its easily ripped mouth. I would try the lion since it looks to be shaped more like the rhino but there is no way to choose. I would pay double to be able to pick the type since in my case one was more durable than the other. Oh well if anyone gets a rhino and wants to sell it contact me.
      awesome These are great for your fetch loving moderate chewer. A big strong jawed dog can happily play with these but could chew through it if left unattended and had the desire. May dog has the jaws but lacks motivation she likes to put all her vinyl in a pile hidden from view. The balloons line are loud fun and bounce in a crazy unpredictable fashion. My dog enjoys the challenge of trying to follow its eratic bounce. Only thing I'd change is to give customers the ability to pick animal type as I've now got an army of lions and really wanted gators.

      Constructed of advanced quality flexa-foam material.Soft texture with better bounce-back.Perfectly shaped for playing fetch in the back yard.Enhanced durability and no rubber odor. Hartz Zoo Balloons dog toy is a patient product made of foam injected latex. This toy comes in three fun balloon characters and is great for even the toughest chewers.

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      • Dura Play Ball - Sm One of the best dog toys I've ever purchased I have two westies that love shredding any toy that we bring into the house. Nothing would last more than 30 minutes. We bought this toy a month ago and they still haven't made a dent. It also has a great squeaker that ...Read the full

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      • Hartz Dura Play Tosser - Large Great!! This toy is just great. It has been two weeks and my American Staff has not ripped this to shreds like almost all of his toys. The squeakers still work even after he has played almost constantly with it. This is by far his favorite ...Read the full

      • Hartz Medium At Play Flexa Foam Ball Dog Toy Great toybeyond inflated price