Zanies Wood Interactive Puzzles Dog My dogs love it!

Zanies Wood Interactive Puzzles Dog Toy
  • Quality wooden design
  • Excellent outlet for energy
  • A great way to focus pet attention
  • Measures 9-3/4-inch diameter
  • Interactive puzzles is interactive dog toys designed to entertain canine brains

  • Great toy to challenge your dog!! This toy is great! I have a minifrench poodle puppy and he gets so excited when he sees me take this out! He started by using this paw to open the closed areas but now he uses his nose. I have had it for about 5 months and his interest has not changed. highly recommend it to keep your dog challengened.
    Really Fun I bought this toy to have some fun with my dog that was different than teaching a trick. It was is everything I expected. My 9 yr old golden ret/Collie mix worked it with me several times and soon had dialed in on the idea. He plows his nose across the pegs to get them out of the way then works on sliding the sliding ones. I don't think he has it nailed 100% but that's ok it gives him a challange each time I bring it out. His friend a pure golden takes great pride in taking out the pegs one by one and handing them carefully to his people. He thinks that is the challenge! Frustrated with the ones that don't come out. That is a working golden for you! It is definatly a toy that takes supervision and will be quickly chewed up without people to coach.
    Keeps them entertained for a few minutes I have 2 shiba inus who love to be challenged. Although they figured out this puzzle in less than 2 minutes they really enjoy it when I put their kibble in the holes. I can't leave it alone with them or they will destroy it for sure. All in all I'm glad I bought it and will buy hopefully more challenging interactive toys in the future.Another toy they really love is the Tug N Jug.
    Dog Puzzle It took my dog 3 rounds to figure out how to knock the pegs off with his snout and push the sliding pegs with his paws or teeth to get the treats. And the toy was a good bonding tool for my dog and me. I really enjoyed teaching him how to play. And he loves it!The puzzle is very sturdy the base is made of MDF and pegs are all solid wood. My only criticism is that when 2 of the sliding pegs are slightly rotated they get stuck and are really hard to move. Even for a human with opposable thumbs! I just make sure that to twist them into position when he's working on those pegs.
    Cute toy something different I bought this toy for my dog's 5th birthday. It is cute and definitely a different challenge for her. It's well made and a good buy for the money.
    WORSE DOG TOY EVER!!! Do not purchase this item. Because of the inferior material used to construct the item my dog damaged the item immediately. Because it's damaged the seller will not take return with refund! I've purchased many Nina Ottoson interactive dog toys as well as others at least 10. He's very familiar with the concept of moving pegs for treats and has never destroyed an interactive toy or any toy where he has to work with the toy for treats. This dog puzzle is constructed with inferior material glued together saw dust more fragile than particle board. Had I seen it in a store I NEVER would have purchased it. The material chipped the first time my dog used itI mean his first attempt to move the dowels. The dowels pull right out of the large openings once the glued together saw dust is moist from his mouth no need for him to slide them into place to retrieve the treats he just lifts them out. The material literally bends when moist and takes no effort to pull the dowel out of the toy. Shame on this seller for selling such inferior items which the buyer cannot evaluate prior to purchasing. Then to make matters worse refuses to rectify the problem. I wish Amazon accepted Paypal to weed out unscrupulous sellers.
    My dogs love it! I have two terriers and a poodle mix all between 1217lbs. The terriers quickly learned to play with a Kong and thoroughly enjoy games in which they have to find hidden treats the poodle gives up after about 5 minutes!. Even when I freeze Kongs with peanut butter inside it's become less of a challenge for them lately. I'd always wanted them to try one of these interactive puzzle toys but they're so expensive I didn't think I could justify buying one if they didn't like it. This toy though was in the perfect price point and is a good starter for them.
    Love this dog toy I purchased this interactive dog toy to help my dog stay busy while I am at work during the day. The toy itself is very well made sturdy and attractive looking. My dog just loves her new toy. I would recommend this toy for anyone who works to help keep their dog happy.

    Quality wooden design.Excellent outlet for energy.A great way to focus pet attention.Measures 9-3/4-inch diameter.Interactive puzzles is interactive dog toys designed to entertain canine brains. This interactive puzzles is interactive dog toy that is designed to entertain canine brains. Owners can put treats under the standing or sliding pegs and help their pets figure out how to solve the puzzle and get the treats. An interactive toy that is great for pet and owner bonding. Dogs have to figure out how to move the pegs to get at the treats underneath. A great way to focus pet attention and an excellent outlet for energy. Quality wooden design. Made of chip board wood. Toy measures 9-3/4-inch diameter.

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    • JW Pet Company Rubber Colors Loads of fun - if you can take the noise

      JW Pet Company Good Other Cuz Rubber Dog Toy, Large, Colors Vary
    • Infused with vanilla extract
    • Tough and rugged natural rubber squeaking ball
    • Comes in assorted colors
    • Easily washable and fade resistant
    • Large size is great for large breeds

    • Not the best choice for aggressive chewer I have 2 aggressive chewers a 70 pound Boxer and a 180 pound English Mastiff. The only toys they don't destroy in minutes are the JW toys. But the Mastiff chews the feet off the Bad Cuz in a matter of minutes. So I purchased the Other Good Cuz because of a review on this site of the Bad Cuz toy which indicated this one might be better than the Bad Cuz because of the feet. No she chewed the leg stump things off just as quickly. The legs are hollow and when they are gone there are two holes in the toy and it no longer squeaks and gives them a good start on destroying the ball. So this one lasted only about 15 minutes. The better choice for us is the Bad Cuz and we simply cut the feet off before giving it to the dogs. We've had two Bad Cuz balls feet cut off that they have played with daily for months and are still in very good condition.
      Loads of fun if you can take the noise My old fella has had a long love affair with Cuz. I prefer the newer version Other Cuz to the older version for the reason other reviewers have noted the feet are easily chewed off. He has never been interested in chewing the feet on the Other Cuz.The noise this thing makes is completely obnoxious but because it brings so much happiness to my guy I tolerate it. It sounds like a cross between a sick goose and a squeal. This is the only toy he enjoys. Unfortunately he wears out the noisemaker within a few play sessions most times. If these were a little more durable this would be a fivestar toy in our household.
      some dogs may not destroy it Great for gentle dogs. Our Golden loved it then destroyed it in an hour. Toughen it up and it would be ideal.
      No doggies ripping this squeeky out! We purchased this toy for my mom's dog at Christmas. My mom has a small black mutt who loves ripping apart the dog toys and getting the squeeker out. This toy withstood the dog's aggressiveness. My mom said it lasted the longest of all the toys the squeeker part. Once the dog did rip the squeeker out the dog still loved playing with it. The dog played with this toy constantly once it was opened. It was annoyingly funny. It is a wellmade product.
      Excellent toy! This is an excellent toy that stands up to tough terrier play. It bounces in erratic ways due to the short feet and holds up to strong chewing. Be aware though the squeaker seems to be indestructible.
      Don't choke your dog. Toy good at first. Squeaker can be pushed into ball and if pulled back out and glued it will crack and the dog can work the pieces loose. Don't let this happen. Had to take it away because I was worried she would swallow the pieces from the squeaker and choke.
      Not worth the money My nine month old female lab puppy has a box of toys. I thought this would be a great addition. She could hardly get her mouth around the ball so I thought great she can play with this one. I left her with it for five minutes looked down and she had just about removed the squeeky part and already tore the rubber around the squeeky insert. For $8 dollars I thought it would be stronger. I don't recommend this toy as it requires constant supervision. I'm not sure what it's good for since they can't chew on it and it's too heavy to play with like a ball. What a disappointment. Also while an ugly blue color was shown in the ad it showed up in an even uglier peptobismol pink. The ad does say colors vary.
      Not very tough My 55 pound American Bulldog mix loved this for the hour that it lasted before she was able to crack the rubber and start to pull it apart.
      Durable Fun Toy My Dog Loves this Toy! We have a few of these in different colors and styles i.e. good bad other cuz.
      My Bulldog's FAV!!! My dog's are both very spoiled. They have three overflowing buckets of toys on each floor of our house. My English Bulldog loves this toy!!! He chews on it for hours. He takes it on walks. Stares at it for hours if it has happened to roll under the couch. He has chewed it so it is actually broken but he refuses to destroy it completely because it is his favorite. I think he has had the same one for about 2 years.

      Infused with vanilla extract.Tough and rugged natural rubber squeaking ball.Comes in assorted colors.Easily washable and fade resistant.Large size is great for large breeds. The Good “Other” Cuz Large has the same great features you know and love in our iconic super squeaky top-selling line of Cuz toys, but with a personality all it's own. This tough and durable natural rubber ball has expressive eyes and cute little legs, but no feet! With it's long lasting squeaker and it's formidable bounce this toy will provide your dog with hours of boredom busting fun! Suitable for medium and large breed dogs.

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      • JW Pet Company Bad Cuz Dog Toy, Medium (Colors Vary) BE CAREFUL! I personally know 5 people who had to have surgery on their dogs because of this toy. Yes it's funand the medium size fits it a large chuckit but those FEET. I've known dogs who chewed and swallowed the feet in a matter of seconds.. some passed them ...Read the full

      • JW Pet Company Bad Other Cuz Rubber Dog Toy, Small (Colors Vary) Sadie Loves It! Our Sadie has a toy box filled with squeeky toys but this is the one she likes the best. She's leared to fetch and bring the ball back so we can throw it. Sadie is a terrier mix and the medium size is perfect for her. I'd highly recommend this ...Read the full

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      Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Assorted Best dog toy for labs!

      Hyper Pet 9" Flippy Flopper Dog Toy, Assorted
    • This durable, safe toy will give you and your pet hours of interactive play time!
    • Flying Disc for Dogs is a very special toy made with soft rubber and durable nylon that has been tested and complies with children?s toy standards.
    • Floats in water!

    • Best dog toy for labs! Great product! Very durable and flys nicely.Easy on dogs mouth when fetching in air. This is my lab'sFavorite toy.
      Better than any frisbee It's light. It floats on water. It is easy to throw. It stays in the air long enough for the dog to catch. It lasts. It does not hurt the dog's mouth. What more can I ask?We have a 2yearold 50lbs pit bull x lab x border collie boy that is crazy about catching flying objects in the air also a powerful chewer and a good swimmer. We tried numerous frisbees. The cheap plastic ones fly well but they will be dented by his teeth after 10 minutes of playing and start to make the dog's mouth bleed. The fancy rubber ones don't hurt his mouth but they are heavy and hard to throw far. The Kong ones are even heavier that they don't even float we learned this the hard way. Finally we found this baby. Now after 3 months it is sill the dog's favorite toy.
      Not that Great After reading a few reviews I decided to try the Flippy Flopper out. Unfortunately having used the Booda Floppy Disc in the past this Flippy Flopper just does not compare. The material used is a cheap light weight plastic feeling cloth that is wrapped around a plastic ring. Also because of the light weight material of this Flopper the other down side is that you will not be able to throw the Flopper that far which for my lab was a deal breaker.
      durable and fun I have 2 border collies and they love these discs. I bought them at Christmas and we use them every day. I have four and toss them out as fast as the dogs bring them back and it really satisfies the urge to herd and work for them. We may not have stock but oh joy we have things to chase. They have them only when we play but they tug and pull on the discs and so far they have not managed to damage them. I like the neon colors.easy to see even at dusk. Soft on their mouths too. The discs fly pretty well and slow enough to catch in the air.
      Best toy EVER! Our lab loves these. They've gotten hard to come by so we allways buy them two at a time. They last untill the fabric begins to rot from being left out in the weather all year. We especially love how soft they are. Jessie has a soft mouth and regular fizbees are too hard. This flies a nice distance and is fun and easy for her to jump up and catch.
      Not very durable We had our Flippy Flopper for less than a week before my dog completely destroyed it. There is a black plastic tube that goes through the material on the perimeter of the frisbee. Once he found out it was in there he didn't stop until he had the tube all the way removed and chewed into pieces. Now I must take some responsibility because I should not have just left it sitting around. It's not a chew toy. We had been playing outside and my hope was to get my 1 yr old mini Australian Shepherd interested in catching the frisbee much like he does the tennis ball. It didn't happen and he lost interest in trying to catch it. He did ok with fetching it. I was going to continue working with him but he got a hold of it when I wasn't paying attention and it's in the garbage in tatters. But it's easy to throw and glides nicely when thrown. It's easy for the dog to hold it their mouth and to pick up.
      doggie is crazy! Our Blue Heeler loves this thing. She wants us to play mornin til nigth. Have to hide it and she'll look for it. Loves her kong outdoor frisbee but for winter in New England it is a doggie must.
      These are a great Bargain!!!! I bought these for my dog Willie as I was tired of paying $20+ for the Aspen Pet brand at Petco. They only last Willie about a month before he has them chewed up. So it was getting to be quite expensive. These are a great alternative and very good quality. Willie can't tell the difference and I'm saving a bunch of money.
      Great Toy Great Price After spending $1216 each on several of the pink/green boodastyle discs at pet stores I'm so happy I've found this one. I'f you've used these kinds of frisbees you know and have probably accepted that they don't last long if you play any kind of tug of war with them. In fact it got so expensive that I trained my dog to catch and return the frisbee and then drop it and bring me the ring from an old one for tugging as a reward for a successful catch or she wears the old ring on her neck to have at the ready.These Flippy Floppers are at least as good and strong as the booda style for 1/3 the price. As the name and picture indicate the fabric spanning the center of the ring is not nearly as taut as the booda's floppy would be an appropriate description. This actually may make the frisbee look cheap and shoddily made especially when wrinkly out of the box. I would however call this a design improvement if anything. In flight the extra fabric seems to balloon out and allow the frisbee to stay aloft longer/descend slower. This item is a nobrainer if you like to play catch with your dog and especially if you're just teaching your dog to catch frisbees this soft kind is much easier on their teeth gums snout than the hard plastic.By the way 9 version is perfect for my 60lb lab mix and I suspect most med/large dogs.
      Great purchase I have been looking for a Frisbee for my Border Collie that won't break or make her bleed from teeth marks that make the Frisbee jagged. This is the perfect fit for us because it throws enough to get air and ride some time to keep her busy plus it's durable. Now that I have this and know how it works I'm ordering more because she leaves then lay around and I don't want to be without at least one on hand.

      This durable, safe toy will give you and your pet hours of interactive play time!.Flying Disc for Dogs is a very special toy made with soft rubber and durable nylon that has been tested and complies with children?s toy standards..Floats in water!. Flippy Flopper: Flying Disc for Dogs! Proudly presenting our most popular, interactive dog toy! The Flippy Flopper™.

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      • Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Medium 10-inch Recommended by Annie the wonderdog! Our dog Annie is a frisbee enthusiast. She doesn't show much excitement when we pull out an old tennis ball for catch. But get out a frisbeeor even MENTION the word Frisbee and she goes bonkers. The ...Read the full

      Kyjen Plush Puppies Water Bottle So far so good

      Kyjen Plush Puppies Water Bottle Buddy Dog Dog Toy
    • Cute and soft
    • Great crinkle noise
    • Uses recycled water bottles

    • Easily destroyed I thought that my dane would like this toy because he likes to chase and kick water bottles. He normally isn't hellbent on destroying things but the velcro at the bottom was ripped off within five minutes and the whole thing was shredded not much long after. You're better off tossing a water bottle in an old sock.
      Cute but didn't last long This was a cute toy but it it didn't last particularly long. The velcro is on the bottom end and it was easy for my German Shepherd puppy to start chewing it as it didn't close well with the small Perrier bottle I put into it. Regular water bottles collapsed so quickly so I used the sturdier Perrier but they are a bit larger and this probably contributed to it's demise. It was an inexpensive toy so this was no surprise.
      design flaw My German Shepherds love this type of toy and have had quite a few. The material and seems are durable enough but the design is flawed. After a few chews the velcro closure pops open and the bottle comes out. My young dog is an agressive chewer so that takes about 2 seconds. My older dog is less agressive and mostly just enjoys crunching on the bottle this type of toy protects from sharp edges and the bottles last longer but even for her the bottle pops out in a couple of minutes. So far the best one for my dogs has been the AKC bottle buddies toys.I also tried the Bamboo fat cat toys and those were even less satisfactory as the seams came apart the first play session.
      It lasted more than 5 minutes We're still looking for a dog toy that lasts more than 10 minutes with our dog. The plastic bottle lasted longer than the cow. However my sister's dog is still playing with the one we bought at the same time albeit without legs ears and horns.
      did not survive My dog SUGAR loves to crunch plastic water bottles so I purchased this as a preventive measure to protect her from ingesting the plastic from the bottles she chews. When this product arrived it already had a plastic bottle inserted into it so I gave it to Sugar to play with the bottle buddy. However after 15 minutes she had not only crushed the bottle but chewed the head off of the pig and shredded the remainder of the body pulling the canvas casing out of the plush toy as well as the bottle. The only thing that survived was the velcro closure that holds the bottle in the toy.Sugar is not a destructive dog in that she still plays with toys she had as a puppy and she is now six years old. Only about once a year she chooses to destroy a toy and has done so on about 5 occasions.My point of this is I really don't think that a dog cares if the bottle toy is a cute little pig or kitten or another stuffed animal. What they really enjoy is the crunch feeling and sound of the bottle they are chewing on. So don't get fancy with the packaging be more practical and safety consious in creating a toy that will survive.
      So far so good Unlike other reviewers my puppy Boston Terrier has not been able to tear a hole through this one. I love the idea of the bottle in the middle because my dog loves bottles anyways. It's well made enough to last for my dog and he loves to play with it.
      Grrreat Love the toy most importantly because my little puppy went nuts when he just saw it come out of the box.
      Fantastic toy my greyhound LOVES this toy he tosses it and crunches on it at least once every day. He is very hard on toys but this one has held up very well.
      Nice Toy This toy held up really well with my tough chewing Besenji mix. Although she removed the ears and arms pretty quickly the body really stayed in good condition. Bailey really loved the crunching and crackling of the bottle and I did not have to worry about her cutting her mouth on the plastic. In my opinion this is a really great product.
      Didn't last long! This arrived in good condition but after less than two days with my 2 mini shcnauzers it fell apart.Would not buy again.

      Cute and soft.Great crinkle noise.Uses recycled water bottles. Fun plush character toys with recycled water bottles inside. Dogs love the cute toys, and the crinkle of the replaceable water bottle provides hours of fun.

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      • Kyjen PP01056 Hide-A-Squirrel Pet Toy, Large NF Terrier playing with this toy

      • Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator Dog Toy with 16 Squeakers Great Dog Toy 16 Squeakers!!!!!
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      • Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush Big Squeak Elephant for Large Dogs He still killed the squeeker This toy is very rugged and my dog 110 lb. boxer/mastiff loved it from the start. At this point i don't expect a squeeker in any toy to hold up for more than a couple days this was no exception. only exception so ...Read the full

      • Wellness Super5Mix Adult Food 12 Pound Best dog food bang for your buck

        Wellness Super5Mix Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 12-Pound Bag
      • 3 animal protein sources for high energy needs and lean/strong muscles
      • No wheat, meat by-products, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
      • Omega 3 and 6 mix to help support healthy skin and coat
      • Antioxidant-rich fruits & veggies and vitamins & minerals help support healthy growth
      • Optimal caloric intake to support healthy body weight

      • very pleased I have two small dogs one weighing almost 20lbs and the other 7lbs. They both like this food. At first I fed it dry but they like it much better in warm water which makes it like gravy. They go crazy over it like that. Sometimes I top it with Wellness can food for a change. I'm pleased because they are pleased. I like the size of the food because it seems that they can chew it easily and and it digests well making their bowl movments healthy.
        Didn't work for my corgi This food made my dog sick with vomiting and diarrhea for even two weeks after the transition from his other food. I've done my research I think this is a complete kibble but too rich for Charlie.
        Finally my shihtzu eats I have a very picky shihtzu that is finally eating consistantly well on this brand of dog food. His coat is shinier too.
        Best dog food bang for your buck After visiting the dog food analysis website I decided long ago that my dogs would only get high quality organic dog food. Amazon offers great pricing and quick delivery and subscribe & save means you'll never have to drive to the store at the last minute because Fido's out of food.
        Great Product I started my dog daschund on this food because of a skin problem. Since changing I had used Purina One for sensitive systems she has had no problems with scaling and redness on her back and legs. She has had no issues with liver but does drink more water which is probably a plus for her skin as well. I will be using Wellness Small Breed from now on.
        Great product worth the extra cost. Usually after a new kibble is introduced even with gradual transitioning dog vomits right after meal time for a few weeks. But he has not vomited once after 2 weeks of this kibble. Switched from Blue Buffalo because of the protein to grain ratio and also quality of ingredients. Well worth the upgrade in terms of cost per pound.
        Outstanding product
        My dog likes dinner again! I have 2 dogs. One that will eat anything and one that is very picky. I tried a bunch of other brands but the picky one would never like eating. I finally found the best food this brand! He will devour this like no other.Since starting this food I have also noticed the dogs are less itchy and in general are healthier. This is much better than my previous brand Eukanuba.
        DOG FOOD Received the dog food on time and without damage. I always buy this for my dog and he loves it.
        Great dog food Both of my dogs prefer this one over many other ones I've tried. The small bites are perfect for their size. I've bought this one many times and have been pretty pleased with the consistency.

        3 animal protein sources for high energy needs and lean/strong muscles.No wheat, meat by-products, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.Omega 3 and 6 mix to help support healthy skin and coat.Antioxidant-rich fruits & veggies and vitamins & minerals help support healthy growth.Optimal caloric intake to support healthy body weight. Many small breed dogs have longer lives than the larger breeds. In fact, it's not unusual for active smaller breeds to live more than 20 years. That's a lot of great companionship - but it also means they have special dietary needs - with special ingredients to support their longer life span. Small breed dogs need to get lots of nutrition from the little portions they consume and the extra energy they need should come from protein and not just fat. That's why the Super5Mix Small Breed Adult Health recipe has 4 premium meat and fish sources, Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal & Menhaden Meal. The mouth watering taste from high quality proteins also helps satisfy small breed dogs' discerning palates.

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        Ethical Skinneeez Rabbit 23 Inch Stuffingless Good toy

        Ethical Plush Skinneeez Rabbit 23-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy
      • Now your dog can enjoy long lasting play while flip-flopping our stuffing free skinneeez
      • Stuffingless Dog Toy
      • Squeaker included
      • Our stuffing free skinneeez last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for your dog to rip out

      • My dog's favorite! We adopted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who had apparently been a puppy mill breeder and was found wandering the streets. She was taken in with several other stray corgis and was very sweet but had no idea how to play or otherwise amuse herself. We bought her toys and tried to interest her in them. She would interact a little with them if we were involved but wasn't excited about playing by herself. When she was put out on her line for a little while on nice days she would sit at the gate the entire time and wait for someone to come get her. When I got this in the mail I took it home and showed it to her. She tried to take it from my hand. Keep in mind I usually have to play with her for a few minutes before she'll respond to any toys. This toy taught her to play. She carries it around and will pounce on it at random moments. She flings it into the air and catches it.
        Good toy The toy is a little big for our small dog but he drags it around the house. It will last for awhile.

        Now your dog can enjoy long lasting play while flip-flopping our stuffing free skinneeez.Stuffingless Dog Toy.Squeaker included.Our stuffing free skinneeez last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for your dog to rip out. Bring out your dog's natural hunting instinct with our realistic stuffing free skinneeez dog toys. These are some of the hottest toys available for your pet.

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        • Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator Dog Toy with 16 Squeakers Great Dog Toy 16 Squeakers!!!!!
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        • Ethical Mini Skinneeez Skunk 14-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy Boston Terrier Proof! This toy is absolutely adored by our dog and yet somehow it has managed to survive all of the gnawing and thrashing it has become a victim of on such regular occasion. We have had several other toys fall adapt or be torn ...Read the full

        • KONG Snake Large Colors Vary For a Boston Terrier

          KONG Snake Dog Toy, Large, Colors may Vary
        • Inner fleece fabric pouch holds squeaker
        • Quality, nontoxic materials
        • Squeaker can be removed or replaced easily
        • No messy filling
        • For dogs over 40 pounds

        • Sneeky Snake Great Valentines day gift for dogs! I purchased this snake and put it in my boyfriend and his dogs Valentines day gift basket KONG brand toys are by far the most durable i have purchaed and i spoil my Bf's dog the velco entry that allows you to take out and insert new squeakers is really handy especially if you have company and want the squeaking to stop for a bit I have also purchased the bear and the smaller frog plush KONG animals and they are still in tact! great gift that is long and fun for tug of war but also a cute snake stuffed animal.
          The best! This is my 1 y/o lab/shep's favorite toy. It is durable and has provided hours of fun for her. It comes with a whole pack of replacement squeakers.
          For a Boston Terrier This toy lasted longer than most cloth toys. It took my dog 2 days before he started shredding it. He went for the eyes first and once he was able to separate them next came the interior lining. All together it took about 2 weeks before it became so pieced that it had to be thrown away. On the plus side because it had no stuffing he was able to keep it longer.I probably wouldn't buy one again because my dog is just too aggressive with toys. So we'll be going back to the hard plastic Kong. If you have a dog that doesn't seek to destroy toys this would be a good purchase.
          R.I.P. rest in pieces My boxer/lab a year old took a little longer than usual to tear this one apart and spread stuffing throughout the house. It's advertised as stuffingfree but the head and tail are stuffed. It comes with removable and extra squeakers something I've never seen. If your dog isn't prove to plushiecide you'll love it.
          GREAT toy for my golden retrievers My two goldens love snakes more than any other stuffed toys. They play tugofwar and chase and spend time simply chewing. The dogs can be quite hard on toys. These particular snakes are the best we've ever had. They last longer than other brands many of which made superior claims cost more and failed to live up to expectations. If you want a stuffed snake that will stand up to real dog play the Kong snake is the BEST! I highly recommend purchasing it from Amazon vendor They are a wonderful seller their customer service is terrific.
          Good but not great. I bought both the frog and the snake. One of the snake's eyes came off immediately but no big deal. It took about 3 days for our minidachshund to chew a hole in the snake and another few days for her to chew it completely into 2 pieces.
          Dog's favorite toy!!! Our Collie puppy loves this toy. We play tug of war with it fetch and find it. It's sturdy and so far he hasn't torn it up or ripped it. The squeaker is still intact even though it came with five or six replacement squeakers. We grab one end of the toy the puppy grabs the other end and we pull him running the length of the yard. Then he pulls us the length of the yard. We also play keep away with it. And it's a BIG deal when he gets it and runs off with it. We've had many hours of fun with it and I've bought several to give to friends. It seems to be every dog's favorite toy.
          One of the longest lasting We had this snake for a long time before he was completely toast. Our dogs like so many LOVE to tear into the plush toys and fling the stuffing all about this guy was no exception but it took them a REALLY long time to get to that point. Also with the dual squeekers and backups we were set for at least a year maybe longer but our newest addition a pit bull tore it up sooner than it would have been with our labdog.
          Ripped First Time Dog Played With It My 1year old Lab played with this toy about 10 minutes and had ripped the eyes out. I sewed the hole shut. Within another 5 minutes she had the seams ripped apart and holes in the head of the toy. Not recommended for a chewer.
          The Pittie and the Puggle love it! 12/7/2010 Further update the snake is now half its size had to toss out the head after the two monsters finally tore it in half and Jordie still likes to play tugofwar with it with me. I think I more than got my money's worth with this toy and I bought another one to give them for Christmas.2/26/2010 Update well we've had the snake for almost a full month and it is still in one piece for the most part. Jordie has managed to eviscerate it part of it's guts are hanging out but fortunately I don't have to pick up stuffing after any play sessions. I'm glad I bought this for the guys and won't hesitate to get another.I bought the Kong snake for Roxy the pitbull because she likes soft toys to chew on. Her cousin Jordie a puggle also likes it but he is much harder on toys than Roxy and has managed to chew through both the head and tail to get the squeaker pouches out. So much for the squeakers! Both dogs enjoy playing tugawar with the snake although once again Jordie is much harder on the toy than Roxy so in order to prolong the life of the snake I limit their playtime with it. I don't have any unrealistic expectations that a plush toy is going to last very long with these two but seeing them happy makes me happy so it was worth the price.

          Inner fleece fabric pouch holds squeaker.Quality, nontoxic materials.Squeaker can be removed or replaced easily.No messy filling.For dogs over 40 pounds. What set's Kong dog toys apart from the plush toy pack? Compare and you will see the quality difference. As a bonus, all of these toys come with a FREE replacement squeaker! Simply pull the "hidden" inner tabs on the outside of the toy, remove the fleece squeaker pouch and replace squeaker.

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