PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Control PBC00 10782 Does not work

PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Bark Control Collar, PBC00-10782
PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Bark Control Collar, PBC00-10782

  • Bark-control collar designed for small dogs with a big bark
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 10 levels of correction lets you adjust to your dog?s personality
  • For dogs up to 55 pounds
  • Patented Perfect Bark detection uses vibration and sound

  • Works very well I have a 16 pound Peekapoo so I was worried his long hair would prevent the collar from working. It works very well and I didn't have to shave the hair around his neck. Just make sure it's tight enough. The collar doesn't prevent him from barking completely it just reduces his barks to one or two alerts to let me know someone's at the door then he stops barking. This is exactly what I wanted because I didn't want to confuse the dog and make him think barking was strictly prohibited. After 4 weeks of using the collar the battery still works. We don't use it every single day. Just on days when we think the dog will bark a lot because of all the activity outside or when we're expecting guests. Works very well.
    PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar This product simply did not work on our Welsh Corgi. No matter how tight the collar was or how short I shaved her neck she rarely recieved any correction. As stated in other reviews the collar moves too easily and unless it is perfectly positioned on practically bare skin at all times you won't get consistent results. Customer support said the probes can't be longer because of the design. I think that says it allpoor design for the money.
    Does not work I have three small dogs two of which are problem barkers. The problem is that the collar isn't very good at detecting a bark. The packaging states that it isn't supposed to shock them for every bark which makes plenty of sense but the problem is that it almost never fires at all.It partly works on our Jack Russel which has a relatively deeptoned bark. When he wears the collar he does reduce his barking after it shocks him a few times but mostly he changes how he barks in a way that doesn't set off the collar.
    An AMAZING transition!!! Folks I read every negative review on here and still bought this collar and am SO glad I did! We have a 35lb. Beagle/Spaniel mix who barked constantly at nothing! We tried absolutely everything training negative reinforcement positive reinforcement ignoring so as to not reward the demand for attention literally everything. We initially avoided Correction collars as we assumed that they would hurt the dog. Simply stated we were wrong and should not have waited so long.The thing I noticed about the negative reviews is that they shared one common thread they were all toy windup dogs that were bred to do nothing but shake and yap all day long! That said I'm doubtful there is ANY correction method short of a muzzle that will shut some of those dogs up. Unless you have a purse dog that runs on 9volt batteries and yaps at its own shadow DO NOT pay attention to these reviews or allow them to dissuade you from purchasing this collar!My adventure began as such After exhausting all direct training techniques we moved to audible correction those units that respond to barking by emitting a high frequncy sound that interrupts the barking. We encountered several problems with this. First the dog either couldn't associate the noise with barking OR became used to the sound and ignored it. We also noticed that my own voice triggered the darn thing and actually CAUSED the dog to bark. In short this wasn't a viable option.While shopping at Pet Supply Plus for Alternative training methods I met a nice lady who trains police K9 units for a living. She explained that the type of barking we were experiencing was the dog demanding our attention and that any manual corrective action simply rewarded the dog by doing exactly that getting our attention. She explained that she uses these The largebreed model on her Sheppards to teach them to ONLY bark on command she removes the collar and commands them to bark sans correction.
    It works There was an ongoing battle with the wife. How do we stop the little dog from barking all the time. Our dog is part terrier and chihuahua. She's full of energy and loves to run and bark. Unfortunately I work from home and had to deal with 80% of her barking. It had to stop. I had tried PetSafe's bark collar before. But it was too big. Then I ran across this collar for LittleDogs. Most of the reviews were encouraging regarding the effect the collar had on barking. I let my wife read some of themespecially the reviews written by empathetic pet owners who thought the electric shock was horrible. Until they tried it out and realized it wasn't that bad.This collar has worked great for us. The dog wears the collar throughout most of the day. The first week I kept the collar in the ON position ALL the time. Since then I typically turn the collar OFF. The dog doesn't know the difference. The shock informed her what the collar can do when she barks BUT the collar itself has become the real bark deterrent.Back to empathetic pet owners. The shock is not bad at all. It's more of a sting I've tried it. In reality it just alerts or stuns our pup. She doesn't get hurt.The only reason it gets 4 and not 5 stars is the fit. The description is a little deceiving as it claims it for Little Dogs. Our dog is 11 lbs and the collar doesn't really fit her perfect. It's just kind of on therenot snug not loose just there. We would tighten the collar but the device with prongs is pretty large for her. In my opinion this collar is perfect for a dog 1518 lbs to 35 lbs. Anything smaller or dogs with smaller necks it's not really ideal.BUTIT DOES WORK. No complaints from me on that part. Oh yea it also has a quick release design. This is great once you get the collar trimmed and set all you do is snap it on and off.
    works great on 3040 lb dogs I have owned this bark collar for my 30 lb springer and it works wonders. I do have to keep her neck shaved to prevent the hair from neutralizing the shock. Lots of people are complaining about the battery I have owned my for 3+ years and changed the battery 3 times. I have used other petsafe collars on my larger springer and the batteries have been horrible. I am going to by this same collar for my other dog if he ever starts barking again. He used the collar for about 1 month and problem solved he is a very sensitive boy. I would recommend this collar to others but probably not for dogs under 20 lbs do to the plastic collar.
    Never Worked Eventally Gave Up My experience is with the Pet Safe BC103 not this model but I was so dissatisfied I don't want other to go through what I did. I really don't have a lot of use for it as my dog is well trained at home but I need the collar when I am in hotels or at places where he is excited and it is critical not to make noise. Thus the reason for waiting so long to write a review. My complaints are It is difficult to determine if it is working so I was always playing with it to try and determine if it was broken a dead battery or OK.
    Dog Collars Fast Shipment.
    DO NOT BUY THIS COLLAR! This collar did not work very long at all! I too kept buying the expensive batteries & it would only work for a week or two I just fianlly threw it away! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I am low income so this feels a lot like a HUGE RIPOFF! SHAME ON YOU PET SAFE! Why not just make a decent collar that actually works? If you ripoff enough of us you'll eventually get a very bad reputation. I guess you'll make plenty of money from idiots like me before that happens though.
    Collar not replaceable Don't buy this. Yes it works good. But if your dog managed to chew the collar or you break the collar there isNO replacement collar for this model. Choose one that you can get a replacement collar for it's a bad design.

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