Hartz Zoo Balloons Dog Vary Cute toy not for chewers

Hartz Zoo Balloons Dog Toy (Toy May Vary)
  • Constructed of advanced quality flexa-foam material
  • Soft texture with better bounce-back
  • Perfectly shaped for playing fetch in the back yard
  • Enhanced durability and no rubber odor

  • Dog Loved it While it Lasted Which was less than an hour! The rubber is way too thin even for a small breed. Don't waste you money.
    Tuff Enuff I have a 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd Mr. Eko like echo. These are literally the only toys that he doesn't destroy in 5 minutes. They are his 'babies'. He knows rhino lion and gator by name and takes them everywhere with him. Loves the sound and it bounces good when new. They do wear out eventually after a few months of very hard play so I keep an extra set on deck. Keep them out of the sun for extended periods to keep the outer shell soft. Punctures happen with his strong bite but all you lose is the squeak. The inner foam keeps it usable much long after. Keeps him occupied for hours. Great for chewers. Only downside is that the squeaker is too good. It wears on ya. =o Would like to be able to specify which animal to receive but ordered 6 and got 2 of each. I recommend for pups on up.
    Not Terrier Proof I purchased this toy for my 2 West Highland White Terriers. They love squeaky toys and I hoped this one would be tough enough to withstand their powerful bite. It did not. The lion balloon toy lasted almost 2 days before they punctured the skin and killed the squeaker. They still play with it occasionally but without the squeak it is not as much fun for them.
    Great toy to play fetch with! My 19 lb maltipoo mix loves this! It squeaks bounces randomly and has appendages for him to pick up by since the ball is too big for him to pick up in his mouth.
    Dog tore it apart in minutes My dog loved this toy unfortunately he tore it apart in minutes and started munching on the materials inside. If your dog tears apart most rubber toys I would advise against this toy.
    My dog loves this toy!! My dog Pepper is an aggressive chewer! Everything and anything including my coach shoes!!The first one we got her she managed to rip off a little leg which was obvious.. aggressive chewer? but after that she became very gentle and caring for them she has two now and just loves them to death! They are SUPER loud and squeeky.. Which I assume attracts her to them.. But other than that this toy is great! I have managed to buy four.. two for Christmas and two just for a little surprise.
    Cute toy not for chewers My Shih Tzu is 11 pounds and destroyed the sqweeker within 15 minutes and tonight she was trying to eat it. Thanks anyway.
    One of my puppy's favorite toys! I thought this thing would be done fast but my puppy never could get a good grip on it to tear it apart. He tried and tried to get it apart but never could. He loves chewing on it loves when we squeak it at him and loves to chase it. The toy's death came about a week ago when i tried to wrestle it out of my puppy's mouth and it got caught on one of his razor sharp puppy teeth and tore. Not his doing but mine.
    This toy is great depending on the one you get. I purchased the Rhino of this set at the grocery store over a year ago. It has an awesome squeaker that will get really high if you squeeze it hard. Makes my dog go crazy mad when you squeeze the toy and throw it and it will continue squeaking while in the air. It is a great general toy for throwing around the house. Well I can't find this toy anywhere in stores anymore and her rhino had gotten a tear in it in a place where it wasn't squeaking anymore so I purchased one off amazon and got the alligator. The alligators entire top snout was torn off in one piece in about 30 minutes and from there it all went downhill.The rhino she would chew on but never tore the 'skin'. I will not be buying this again from amazon for fear that I will get the alligator with its easily ripped mouth. I would try the lion since it looks to be shaped more like the rhino but there is no way to choose. I would pay double to be able to pick the type since in my case one was more durable than the other. Oh well if anyone gets a rhino and wants to sell it contact me.
    awesome These are great for your fetch loving moderate chewer. A big strong jawed dog can happily play with these but could chew through it if left unattended and had the desire. May dog has the jaws but lacks motivation she likes to put all her vinyl in a pile hidden from view. The balloons line are loud fun and bounce in a crazy unpredictable fashion. My dog enjoys the challenge of trying to follow its eratic bounce. Only thing I'd change is to give customers the ability to pick animal type as I've now got an army of lions and really wanted gators.

    Constructed of advanced quality flexa-foam material.Soft texture with better bounce-back.Perfectly shaped for playing fetch in the back yard.Enhanced durability and no rubber odor. Hartz Zoo Balloons dog toy is a patient product made of foam injected latex. This toy comes in three fun balloon characters and is great for even the toughest chewers.

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