Zanies Wood Interactive Puzzles Dog My dogs love it!

Zanies Wood Interactive Puzzles Dog Toy
  • Quality wooden design
  • Excellent outlet for energy
  • A great way to focus pet attention
  • Measures 9-3/4-inch diameter
  • Interactive puzzles is interactive dog toys designed to entertain canine brains

  • Great toy to challenge your dog!! This toy is great! I have a minifrench poodle puppy and he gets so excited when he sees me take this out! He started by using this paw to open the closed areas but now he uses his nose. I have had it for about 5 months and his interest has not changed. highly recommend it to keep your dog challengened.
    Really Fun I bought this toy to have some fun with my dog that was different than teaching a trick. It was is everything I expected. My 9 yr old golden ret/Collie mix worked it with me several times and soon had dialed in on the idea. He plows his nose across the pegs to get them out of the way then works on sliding the sliding ones. I don't think he has it nailed 100% but that's ok it gives him a challange each time I bring it out. His friend a pure golden takes great pride in taking out the pegs one by one and handing them carefully to his people. He thinks that is the challenge! Frustrated with the ones that don't come out. That is a working golden for you! It is definatly a toy that takes supervision and will be quickly chewed up without people to coach.
    Keeps them entertained for a few minutes I have 2 shiba inus who love to be challenged. Although they figured out this puzzle in less than 2 minutes they really enjoy it when I put their kibble in the holes. I can't leave it alone with them or they will destroy it for sure. All in all I'm glad I bought it and will buy hopefully more challenging interactive toys in the future.Another toy they really love is the Tug N Jug.
    Dog Puzzle It took my dog 3 rounds to figure out how to knock the pegs off with his snout and push the sliding pegs with his paws or teeth to get the treats. And the toy was a good bonding tool for my dog and me. I really enjoyed teaching him how to play. And he loves it!The puzzle is very sturdy the base is made of MDF and pegs are all solid wood. My only criticism is that when 2 of the sliding pegs are slightly rotated they get stuck and are really hard to move. Even for a human with opposable thumbs! I just make sure that to twist them into position when he's working on those pegs.
    Cute toy something different I bought this toy for my dog's 5th birthday. It is cute and definitely a different challenge for her. It's well made and a good buy for the money.
    WORSE DOG TOY EVER!!! Do not purchase this item. Because of the inferior material used to construct the item my dog damaged the item immediately. Because it's damaged the seller will not take return with refund! I've purchased many Nina Ottoson interactive dog toys as well as others at least 10. He's very familiar with the concept of moving pegs for treats and has never destroyed an interactive toy or any toy where he has to work with the toy for treats. This dog puzzle is constructed with inferior material glued together saw dust more fragile than particle board. Had I seen it in a store I NEVER would have purchased it. The material chipped the first time my dog used itI mean his first attempt to move the dowels. The dowels pull right out of the large openings once the glued together saw dust is moist from his mouth no need for him to slide them into place to retrieve the treats he just lifts them out. The material literally bends when moist and takes no effort to pull the dowel out of the toy. Shame on this seller for selling such inferior items which the buyer cannot evaluate prior to purchasing. Then to make matters worse refuses to rectify the problem. I wish Amazon accepted Paypal to weed out unscrupulous sellers.
    My dogs love it! I have two terriers and a poodle mix all between 1217lbs. The terriers quickly learned to play with a Kong and thoroughly enjoy games in which they have to find hidden treats the poodle gives up after about 5 minutes!. Even when I freeze Kongs with peanut butter inside it's become less of a challenge for them lately. I'd always wanted them to try one of these interactive puzzle toys but they're so expensive I didn't think I could justify buying one if they didn't like it. This toy though was in the perfect price point and is a good starter for them.
    Love this dog toy I purchased this interactive dog toy to help my dog stay busy while I am at work during the day. The toy itself is very well made sturdy and attractive looking. My dog just loves her new toy. I would recommend this toy for anyone who works to help keep their dog happy.

    Quality wooden design.Excellent outlet for energy.A great way to focus pet attention.Measures 9-3/4-inch diameter.Interactive puzzles is interactive dog toys designed to entertain canine brains. This interactive puzzles is interactive dog toy that is designed to entertain canine brains. Owners can put treats under the standing or sliding pegs and help their pets figure out how to solve the puzzle and get the treats. An interactive toy that is great for pet and owner bonding. Dogs have to figure out how to move the pegs to get at the treats underneath. A great way to focus pet attention and an excellent outlet for energy. Quality wooden design. Made of chip board wood. Toy measures 9-3/4-inch diameter.

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