Ethical 2 Inch Latex Soccer Ball Latex Balls

Ethical 2-Inch Latex Soccer Ball Dog Toy
Ethical 2-Inch Latex Soccer Ball Dog Toy

  • Assorted colors
  • Approximately 2-inch in diameter
  • Ideal for small dogs and puppies

  • Who said a ball should be ROUND??? My rescue Corgi Joey has only ONE toy that he will play with.the woman who fostered Joey told me so and I thought OKI'll find some other things Now two years later I find she was correcta small LATEX not vinyl soccer ball is the as we said in the Armyonliest thing Little Joey will play with. Joey has battled an autoimmune condition erythema which requires him to be on massive doses of prednisone but that's the price for keeping Little Joey alive.There seem to be two makers of these tiny latex ballsthe one here which is very very soft vinyl from Ethical Toys and a bit more rigid one made by a subsidiary of Petsmart.This super soft one is flat really flat after the first nip by the dog. In a defensive remark on Arcata Pets they state they are NOT inflated and were never meant to be that way.. well then why bother making them round?I have greater annoyance with Petsmart's toy packaged as either Toy Shoppe Playables or Great Choice dog toy. It goes without saying that these are all made in China probably by some peasant earning pennies an hour.Being the overindulgent pet owner that I am I have probably bought 50 of these latex balls at Petsmart for $1.99 each. The flimsy squeaker inside is the source of delight to the dog and the squeaker lasts anywhere from five minutes to a week.A week I can stand.five minutes is not quite fair. Since the label guarantees satisfaction I keep taking them back to Petsmart for new ones. I have called the Petsmart corporate office and related my story. We'll see what happens meanwhile Little Joey waits for the only toy he'll ever want.Whatever you do don't get your dog hooked on these latex balls whether they are flat or round.
    My dog went nuts This is her third soccer squeaky ball the 2 others are still okay but have tears here and there and squeakers either gone and not working properly. But just the sight of my fur girl going nuts when I hold the ball just makes me laughshe's ball crazy! The only problem with this product is that the squeaker/whistle comes off gluing it won't last either.
    Latex Balls I bought these balls for my 9 year old Doxie! The bill came to a little over $22.00! After given her a ballWithin 3 minutes it was ripped in half. The balls are paper thin and they should not cost what they did!They would be fine if she had no teeth. I just wish I knew how durable they were going to be. I wouldnot recommend them. For the cost of them not worth the money at all .
    Latex Pet Ball This is a great item. I used to be able to get them from the large pet retailers but they stopped carrying this item. My dogs love these and thus I buy them in large quantities. They love to chew the squeekers out of them. We use them as rewards! Couldn't be happier for the price paid.
    dog balls We purchased the balls because our dog loved those kinds and we couldn't find any locally. We bought lots of them to last awhile. Half of them were low on air or almost flat. The others were fine. We hope to use a pump to blow them up when we need them. Haven't tried it yet but hopefully it will work.
    Not good customer service Ordered 3 soccer balls for my little guy for Christmas. The picture shows white with black soccer balls. 2 of the balls sent were colors. You need to read the fine print to see assorted colors. Surprisingly my dog will not play with the reds purplesassorted colors etc..only the white ones. So I contacted Gary and he said reenter the order send me an email and I'll see that you get white ones. I followed up with him just to find out he was unable to get the order B4 it shipped out. He said don't worry they shipped 2 of the white/black soccer balls. Well you guessed it after I received the 2nd order they did not send any white/black soccer balls but another blue/green and red/purple.When I contacted Gary a third time he said no problem I just put 2 white/black in the mail to you myself. That's over a week ago and we have not received anything. Funny we received the 2 orders but his package mysteriously hasn't shown up yet.Funny thing is I wouldn't be so peeved if he would have just told me in the beginning he can't control what colors are shipped out. Instead this has been going on since 11/13/2012 and it's just been a frustrating experience. It's not nice to mislead the public and it's really not nice to say you've done something if in fact you didn't.If these 2 soccer balls show up I'll be happy to retract this review. Until then be careful what you order.
    My dogs love these soccer balls This is a favorite toy for our two dachshund puppybabies. They prefer these over all other doggie toys. Great product.
    Toys for small mouths I have two small dogs. it is nearly impossible to find toys small enough for them in the large pet stores. As a matter of fact I purchased a dozen of these so I know I will have them in the future. Somehow manufacturers think small is 3 inches. Well when your mouth is 1 inch or smaller 3 inches is a pretty big bite. I was very pleased to find these 2 inch soccer balls. They are soft enough that even a small mouth can get a good hold on it. My nine month old Cavalier puppy is a ball chaser so he really adores this toy. We play fetch for an hour or more at time. I would recommend these to anyone who has a small dog who needs a small toy.

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