Royal Canin Yorkshire Formula 2 5 Pound Yum Yum

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Yorkshire Puppy 29 Formula, 2.5-Pound Bag
Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Yorkshire Puppy 29 Formula, 2.5-Pound Bag Read more...

  • Intense flavors and aromas stimulate even the most delicate appetite
  • Specialized kibbles help to reduce dental plaque and limit tartar formation
  • Protects and nourishs the long and fragile coat

  • Yum Yum So I have a TeaCup Yorkie and he's about 4 months now. I bought him from a breeder and they sent me home with a zip back of kibble and bits. So as I had given it to him he wasnt eating it at all. I tried a few other brands of food and still there were no results of him eating it because he liked it. So finally afther days of research I decided to go and purchase Royale Canin and from the time I poured it in his bowl he hasn't stopped eating it. I'm happy that we are finally getting somewhere with this.
    My Yorkie Loves it! This is the ONLY food that my yorkie will eat. This size will last about a month and a halfAgain depends on the size of your pupbut worth it. Her coat is silky and this food does not make her ill.
    Really Appeals to Yorkie Who Wouldn't Eat I had a lot of difficulty getting my yorkie puppy to eat consistently. He would not eat for so many hours that at times he would throw up bile. The vet said some dogs do this when they don't eat. The breeder fed him Royal Canin mini puppy 33 and I continued which he ate sporadically. Tried other foods and tried following advice to put food down for only 20 minutes at a time 23 times a day. Finally found this product and learned that yorkies have reduced sense of smell and need food that has stronger food scent. The kibble is small and it even smells good to me. He loves it and is doing very well now. What a relief.
    Very pleased I had a very sick Yorkie puppy who was just failing to thrive. Getting him to eat anything was a challenge and he was not gaining weight. We tried this food and I'm happy to report that my pup has double his weight in 6 weeks and is happy growing and healthy.
    Royal Canin Yorkshire Puppy 29 Have a very fussy 9 week old Yorkie. Tried variety of puppy foods canned and dry and it was a challenge to get her to eat any of them.
    Tasty Treats for the Pooch My dog likes this food. Its high quality and not full of byproducts. And do you know what less byproduct means? LESS POOP. True fact.

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