KONG Puppy Activity Ball Small the best kong puppy toy ball

KONG Puppy Activity Ball Dog Toy, Small, Blue
  • Measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter, for puppies 1 to 20 pounds
  • Enhances intellectual development
  • Perfect for puppies with energy to burn
  • Use with KONG Puppy East Treats, Snacks or Ziggies
  • Keeps puppies entertained

  • Didn't work for my Golden Retriever puppy I returned this. My pup was not the least bit interested in this toy. My Golden Retriever puppy was 12 weeks and 20 lbs when i purchased thisif i had gotten a larger one he MAY have liked it.
    the best kong puppy toy ball These are the best treat balls which don't make marks on the walls inside the house.
    Worth every penny I bought this for my very energetic corgi Zoe. I have tried many different treats in it and larger treats work well. I put one or two in and it keeps her busy for a while. I have also frozen small treats like Charlee Bears in it with natural peanut butter and we didn't have any trouble. She is an adult dog now and a heavy chewer but this has stood up to her.
    Great toy My 4 month old miniature dachshund loves this ball. She chasing all around our kitchen trying to get the treat out. It keeps her busy for at least a little while which is saying something. I would recommend this toy to anyone who has an energetic puppy or small dog.
    Puppy loved it ! My puppy loved it and learned very quickly how to move the ball to get the food. It is very easy to insert kibble in this king ball or to put kibble in the outside. It is a great way to entertain the puppy and make her eat.
    Kong Activity Ball I didn't like it very well. If you put a ziggy in the large hole it falls out and the end that treats go innot too good either. If you use the peanut butter suggested to be used with it too big of a mess.

    Measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter, for puppies 1 to 20 pounds.Enhances intellectual development.Perfect for puppies with energy to burn.Use with KONG Puppy East Treats, Snacks or Ziggies.Keeps puppies entertained. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy, as anyone with a closet full of mangled shoes can attest. The answer? Put that pup to work. She may look sweet, but she's a natural born killer, genetically evolved to forage, hunt, chase, and gnaw. When those natural urges are frustrated, she may develop problem behaviors like barking, digging, and yes, chewing shoes. Kong activity balls turn passive feeding into active play sessions that satisfy a dog's psychological and intellectual needs as well as her nutritional ones. Made from an exclusive rubber formulation that's more flexible than regular Kongs, the activity ball soothes sore gums and allows the puppy to try out developing teeth. Stash biscuits or dry food (or Kong brand Stuff 'N Treats) in the hollow center and your puppy will learn how to release them as she plays, stimulating brain development as well as chewing needs. The ridged exterior gently "squeegees" teeth and gums clean, helping prevent plaque and tartar buildup (not to mention bad breath). Use Kong Stuff 'N Breath Paste inside the grooves to motivate your dog to chew and freshen her breath at the same time. Measuring 3 inches in diameter, this activity ball is appropriate for the smallest breeds, including Yorkies, toy poodles, and Chihuahuas. Regularly inspect the ball for cracks or missing chunks, and replace worn or damaged toys to avoid a choking hazard. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if either you or your dog aren't happy with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund.

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