Petstages 190 Stages Healthy Hoops DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL!!

Pet Stages Healthy Hoops
Pet Stages Healthy Hoops

  • Strengthens neck and chest for better health
  • Combines canvas and rope for tough tugging
  • Materials are easy on teeth and gums

  • DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL!! Be mindful this ISNT a chew toyit's specifically for the exercising of the neck and chest muscles. And that's EXACTLY what you can see it do. This is the 2nd one I've bought for our 7 m.o. Lhasapoo puppy. She plays with it more than any of the others. She gets them around a leg and then pulls up a selfimposed tug of war! It's a great toss and fetch toy also. It won't last forever with an avid chewer as I said this is Daisy's 2nd one! because it's not made for that. BUT it does do exactly what the company says it will.
    hudson's fav My minpin loves this toy. He plays with it for hours. you can throw it like a frisbee play tug and he wrestles with it. i bought three just in case it is discontinued.
    Ripped apart after 3 days To be fair it says that you shouldn't leave this toy around and it is not a chew toy. But I don't pick up after the toys as often as I should and after 3 days the green and blue ring's outer layer is in shreds. One of the cloths that's holding the rings together is gone too. My puppy does like it though and we have played fetch with it many times. There were more than a few funny moments when he was running with it in his mouth and some how his feet yes both of them at the same time went through the hoops and he just flips over. Good laughs and he wasn't hurt.Always love the colorful patterns of petstages toys too.
    Three Ring Circus! This is one of our dog's favorite toys! He loves to hold it in his mouth and use it as a shovel to push his other toys around on the floor! He did want to chew the rings at first but we have been careful to correct that behavior when it occurs and offer him an appropriate chewie instead. So he has learned that this and certain other toys aren't chew toys and he really enjoys playing with his rings whether it's his own game of shovel or a game of tug.
    Bad idea for my puppies This toy lasted only 1 hour in my house. Instead of playing tug'o'war with it my puppies each took a ring and chewed it until it broke in two and the red plastic twine that was holding it together was all over the house. We have one ring left the green and purple because that one is all material and not plastic.

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