Canidae 12 Pack Chicken Formula 13 Ounce Canidae Dog Food

Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth, 13-Ounce Can
Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth, 13-Ounce Can Read more...

  • A can a day for every 20 lbs. of body weight. Puppies may need up to twice the amount for the same body weight and nursing mothers up to three times.
  • Natural Skin & Coat Conditioners
  • To achieve a balanced diet and maintain firm stools, CANIDAE recommends a feed ration of 25% canned to 75% dry dog food by weight.

  • My dogs love it and love the combination beef and fish! I always wanted to try out Canidae for my dogs and when I saw the price Amazon offered for these I had to go for it. The ingredients are awesome except carrageenan and before I purchase I read the reviews for concerning it contains carrageenan. Yes I read about the study that it caused cancer in the lab rats although it is a naturally derived from the nature. Carrageenan is in many food items for humans too to provide thickness and sliminess to the food. Even for those healthy soy milk it's very hard to find the ones that does not come with Carrageenan. There's always something that may or may not cause cancer but we always have to remember that it does not cause immediately and only taken in large quantities. So my judgement is that if I don't give the dog food that contains Carrageenan all the time then my dogs should be okay. So if you want to entirely avoid anything that may cause cancer then you don't want to buy these. Otherwise they are fabulous dog foods and I'll just wish that Canidae come up with something else in the future to add sliminess to it.
    Trouble opening the cans I don't know if anyone else has trouble with the pulltabs on these Canidae cans but I sure do. The tab part is very flimsy and doesn't hold up well while trying to pull open the top. I have almost cut myself several times. End up having to pry the top off with a fork after the pulltop breaks off. Otherwise it's an acceptable product although I do prefer Evangers. But Evangers has become more expensive for some reason.
    Warning this product may contain a doggy stimulant First things first unfortunately there is not an option for Dog Loves It on Amazon's reviews so I hope this is not misleadingI personally have never eaten the stuff so this should not be viewed as I like this and I haven't been able to teach my dog to verbally communicate yet so I'm going to have to go off of body language cues. That being said.15 month old female German Shepherd with a sensitive stomach seems to love it. Had her on it for 5 months now. Half a can mixed with your dry food of choice 2X a day and you'll have a pretty darn wild dog at and post feeding time. Just bought a pack of the chicken grain free to see if it elicits equal enthusiasm. Inevitably some of the cans always wind up at my doorstep dented but I don't think that has any impact on the product.
    Quality dog food My dogs are picky but they do eat Canidae not the no grain Canidae but this one. Canidae has a premium dog food canned and dry. Get what you pay for with this product.
    excellent ingredients but my dogs don't like it much I am trying to get my dogs all shelter dogs although one is purebred off lowquality grainbased foods and bought this to add to their high quality lamb and rice kibble which they eat well. They wouldn't eat it at first and then only grudgingly. I am going to try again but I am distressed because I don't like throwing out food. I will try mixing in some cheaper stuff and trying to move toward feeding this. But I am warning anyone who is trying this that it isn't immediately appealing to my five totally different and hungry dogs.
    Dog wont touch it I bought this brand because I heard good things about it and I was comfortable with the ingredients that were list. When I tried to feed it to my dog he would not touch it and usually he is not a picky eater. This is not a negative review in any way against the product itself but just an FYI to other pet owners.
    Quality dog food but he still can't have it For about three months we were feeding this formula and the Senior formula to our 18yearold Gilligan mainly because he has a very long list of health issues that we try to sidestep like landmines and I strongly believe the prescription foods sold at the vet office are nothing but crap. I have researched and studied dog foods for several years now and although I believe Canidae is one of better foods out there Gilligan began having seizures just weeks after he begun eating it and we now home cook his meals. Gilligan has not had seizures in his lifetime so we were baffled when all of a sudden he developed a pattern of having a seizure about 34 hours after his meal. His vet said that the pattern made sense to her because ammonium levels are highest in the blood about 34 hours after eating and if the liver doesn't process the protein efficiently it can definitely cause seizures in the brain. The day I stopped feeding him the canned food was the last day he had a seizure and that was about two months ago.
    Canidae Canned Dog Food It is a great product. Our standard poodle has a problem with keeping weight on even though he is a ravinous eater. He put 5lbs on and looks great. We add the canned dog food to his dry with a little water. Also never a problem with shipping or packaging.
    Canidae Dog Food This is the dog food I had chosen for my 5 dogsbut until nowI did not find a good price. Thank you Amazon. My dogs love it.
    Puppy likes it! I feed this to my puppy along with the dry formula to get her to eat more. She now is licking the bowl clean!She does seem to have large bowel movements with this but it is getting her eating and I know I can trust the ingredients.

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