AKC Mallard Dog Toy Large Great dog toy.

AKC Mallard Dog Toy, Large
  • Authentic American Kennel Club product
  • Super Premium Quality
  • Toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together. Supervise your pet while playing. If separation occurs, take the toy away immediately
  • Strong plush fabric, double stitched with embroidered details and no small parts to swallow
  • Designed for safe, durable, pet play

  • a favorite toy my puppy This is my puppy's favorite toy. The packaging was labeled fragile but this dog toy certainly is not. It has held up to some rough playing.
    Cute but no cigar! While this duck is pretty cute maybe it's meant for hunting dogs? But our 2.5 year old German Shepherd had all the stuffing out of this thing within a day. She still plays with the lifeless duck sans stuffing of course. So if your dog doesn't rip up toys this is probably a good purchase for you.
    DEAD DUCK IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES My dog absolutely loves her ducks but she can dismantle one in 5 minutes or less. That is a hole big enough for her to get the 'quacker' out and chew it into bits. Then comes the stuffing She sure enjoys pulling the stuffing out. I used to try to put the stuffing back in and sew it up but that was a lost cause. Now I buy the model that comes minus the stuffing and the plastic 'quacker'. She still loves that duck and I still find the bits she chews off beak toes wings etc. but it does last longer.
    Not AKC Endorsed We have purchased the large Mallard duck toy for our dog at our local grocery store for around $7. They were very durable but the stock ran out. So when we saw this one advertised via Amazon we ordered 6 of them. The first shipment was lost Post office but the seller once advised had 6 more shipped via UPS. Upon arrival we noticed the absence of the AKC endorsement. This was for us a big selling point. We'd bought other look alike Mallards but they didn't hold up at all.Our email to the seller was answered promptly saying these were identical to the AKC ones. Maybe but the ADVERTISEMENT says AKC and they are NOT AKC.The item looks the same but who knows for sure. To that extent the advertisement on Amazon is deceptive. Seller says they have no control over the ad. Really?Other than this misrepresentation the seller was responsive.
    FALSE ADVERTISING! THIS IS NOT AN AKC TOY! I purchased this plush toy from Amazon based on the reviews found on this website. They may have been correct at one time but as the lower rated reviews state this is now a very cheap product. Mine arrived today with a torn wing seam and the stuffing falling out right out of the box! Some of the false claims are1 Authentic American Kennel Club Product.There is no indication either on the sewed on labels or the packaging material stating it is an authentic AKC product in fact the acronym AKC is nowhere to be found on this toy.2 Super Premium Quality.This product is the opposite of Super Premium.3 Strong Fabric Double Stitched.The fabric is flimsy tears easily and looked to be single stitched at the location of the torn wing.4 AMERICAN CLASSIC is written in bold letters on the cardboard label.Product is manufactured in China. There is nothing american about it.I only paid $9.58 for it and it will probably cost me more than that in time packaging gas and shipping to return it but it's the principal of the thing. Items like this should be purchased in the store where they can be inspected and easily returned. Don't waste your time or money on this poor quality chinese toy! SORT THE REVIEWS BY NEWEST FIRST AND READ BEFORE PURCHASE.
    Dog toy I have bought many of this toy. My dog tears them apart. They are not very durable but I like the squeaker its a honk like a goose rather than a squeak. Easy to throw and soft.
    Great dog toy. My dog loves his ducks too. I am buying the third one. They hold up extremely well except for the beak and once it is opened the stuffing comes out for the whole neck however the body stays intact. My dog carries his duck more than any other toy in and out of the house even with the neck messed up. Sometimes he leaves the duck out and brings in another animal but he will trade back again. All AKC toys are best to stay together. He has a rabbit that has no holes in it at all but he doesn't like it nearly as much as his ducks.
    All good but the quack The toy seems to be holding up pretty solidly with my 2 75 and 90 lb labs. Normally this kind of toy is destroyed in an hour. It has lasted 5 days and shows no wear so far although I am not allowing any tugowar. I do have 1 big complaint tho. The quacker was not very loud when I open the package and 2 days later it wasn't making a sound. I am really disappointed about this as my dogs try so hard to make it quack with their noses but have no luck. I'm afraid this toy is going to go from 'favorite' to 'nonexistant' in a matter of days.
    Not AKC While this looks similar to the official AKC Mallard it is not actually the AKC version. The biggest noticeable difference to me and my dog is the squeaker or quacker in this case. It is much more difficult to get the toy to produce sound. With previous AKC ducks my dog would happily walk around the house quacking the duck and wagging her tail. This imitation version is mostly ignored.
    Time will tell I bought the AKC Mallard Dog Toy for my dog last year and it's the ONLY stuffed toy I've ever purchased that she hasn't been able to gut so I decided to get her another one.As some of the other reviews have stated the new one I received is not the same AKC branded product that I previously purchased. It looks exactly the same and appears to be of equal quality. I gave it a pretty thorough stress test myself and there are no problems with the seams/stitching/etc. It's only been a couple of weeks but it's still in one piece so I guess only time will tell if it's actually the same.Either way the price is great compared to what I've paid for other stuffed toys that only lasted a few days.

    Authentic American Kennel Club product.Super Premium Quality.Toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together. Supervise your pet while playing. If separation occurs, take the toy away immediately.Strong plush fabric, double stitched with embroidered details and no small parts to swallow.Designed for safe, durable, pet play. Indulge your dog’s natural hunting instincts with the Jakks Pets Large Classic Plush Mallard. This double-stitched American Kennel Club pet toy looks almost real enough to fool any pet, and even makes fun duck sounds. Designed with your dog’s safety in mind. Appropriate for dogs of all ages and activity levels.

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