Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Assorted Best dog toy for labs!

Hyper Pet 9" Flippy Flopper Dog Toy, Assorted
  • This durable, safe toy will give you and your pet hours of interactive play time!
  • Flying Disc for Dogs is a very special toy made with soft rubber and durable nylon that has been tested and complies with children?s toy standards.
  • Floats in water!

  • Best dog toy for labs! Great product! Very durable and flys nicely.Easy on dogs mouth when fetching in air. This is my lab'sFavorite toy.
    Better than any frisbee It's light. It floats on water. It is easy to throw. It stays in the air long enough for the dog to catch. It lasts. It does not hurt the dog's mouth. What more can I ask?We have a 2yearold 50lbs pit bull x lab x border collie boy that is crazy about catching flying objects in the air also a powerful chewer and a good swimmer. We tried numerous frisbees. The cheap plastic ones fly well but they will be dented by his teeth after 10 minutes of playing and start to make the dog's mouth bleed. The fancy rubber ones don't hurt his mouth but they are heavy and hard to throw far. The Kong ones are even heavier that they don't even float we learned this the hard way. Finally we found this baby. Now after 3 months it is sill the dog's favorite toy.
    Not that Great After reading a few reviews I decided to try the Flippy Flopper out. Unfortunately having used the Booda Floppy Disc in the past this Flippy Flopper just does not compare. The material used is a cheap light weight plastic feeling cloth that is wrapped around a plastic ring. Also because of the light weight material of this Flopper the other down side is that you will not be able to throw the Flopper that far which for my lab was a deal breaker.
    durable and fun I have 2 border collies and they love these discs. I bought them at Christmas and we use them every day. I have four and toss them out as fast as the dogs bring them back and it really satisfies the urge to herd and work for them. We may not have stock but oh joy we have things to chase. They have them only when we play but they tug and pull on the discs and so far they have not managed to damage them. I like the neon colors.easy to see even at dusk. Soft on their mouths too. The discs fly pretty well and slow enough to catch in the air.
    Best toy EVER! Our lab loves these. They've gotten hard to come by so we allways buy them two at a time. They last untill the fabric begins to rot from being left out in the weather all year. We especially love how soft they are. Jessie has a soft mouth and regular fizbees are too hard. This flies a nice distance and is fun and easy for her to jump up and catch.
    Not very durable We had our Flippy Flopper for less than a week before my dog completely destroyed it. There is a black plastic tube that goes through the material on the perimeter of the frisbee. Once he found out it was in there he didn't stop until he had the tube all the way removed and chewed into pieces. Now I must take some responsibility because I should not have just left it sitting around. It's not a chew toy. We had been playing outside and my hope was to get my 1 yr old mini Australian Shepherd interested in catching the frisbee much like he does the tennis ball. It didn't happen and he lost interest in trying to catch it. He did ok with fetching it. I was going to continue working with him but he got a hold of it when I wasn't paying attention and well.now it's in the garbage in tatters. But it's easy to throw and glides nicely when thrown. It's easy for the dog to hold it their mouth and to pick up.
    doggie is crazy! Our Blue Heeler loves this thing. She wants us to play mornin til nigth. Have to hide it and she'll look for it. Loves her kong outdoor frisbee but for winter in New England it is a doggie must.
    These are a great Bargain!!!! I bought these for my dog Willie as I was tired of paying $20+ for the Aspen Pet brand at Petco. They only last Willie about a month before he has them chewed up. So it was getting to be quite expensive. These are a great alternative and very good quality. Willie can't tell the difference and I'm saving a bunch of money.
    Great Toy Great Price After spending $1216 each on several of the pink/green boodastyle discs at pet stores I'm so happy I've found this one. I'f you've used these kinds of frisbees you know and have probably accepted that they don't last long if you play any kind of tug of war with them. In fact it got so expensive that I trained my dog to catch and return the frisbee and then drop it and bring me the ring from an old one for tugging as a reward for a successful catch or she wears the old ring on her neck to have at the ready.These Flippy Floppers are at least as good and strong as the booda style for 1/3 the price. As the name and picture indicate the fabric spanning the center of the ring is not nearly as taut as the booda's floppy would be an appropriate description. This actually may make the frisbee look cheap and shoddily made especially when wrinkly out of the box. I would however call this a design improvement if anything. In flight the extra fabric seems to balloon out and allow the frisbee to stay aloft longer/descend slower. This item is a nobrainer if you like to play catch with your dog and especially if you're just teaching your dog to catch frisbees this soft kind is much easier on their teeth gums snout than the hard plastic.By the way 9 version is perfect for my 60lb lab mix and I suspect most med/large dogs.
    Great purchase I have been looking for a Frisbee for my Border Collie that won't break or make her bleed from teeth marks that make the Frisbee jagged. This is the perfect fit for us because it throws enough to get air and ride some time to keep her busy plus it's durable. Now that I have this and know how it works I'm ordering more because she leaves then lay around and I don't want to be without at least one on hand.

    This durable, safe toy will give you and your pet hours of interactive play time!.Flying Disc for Dogs is a very special toy made with soft rubber and durable nylon that has been tested and complies with children?s toy standards..Floats in water!. Flippy Flopper: Flying Disc for Dogs! Proudly presenting our most popular, interactive dog toy! The Flippy Flopper™.

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