Medium Lock Play Interactive Puppy the BEST interactive treat toy i've found

Medium Blue Lock n' Play Interactive Puppy Dog Toy
Medium Blue Lock n' Play Interactive Puppy Dog Toy Read more...

  • This material flexes more to prevent puppy teeth from tearing into the toy.
  • Made of #7 recycled plastic
  • Medium: Length(3") Width(1.5") Height(4.5")
  • Puppy is for growing pups with sharp puppy teeth.

  • the BEST interactive treat toy i've found As a busy professional i leave my dog home during the day and leave her interactive toys filled with treats/food to keep her busy.1 The longer she is occupied the better.2 The more time i save in the morning preparing the treat the better.I own all the following interactive toys that you fill with treatsBusy Buddy Twist and TreatKong WobblerKongOurpets IQ treat ballBusy Buddy Biscuit BlockEverlasting Bento Balland much more.guess what? The Wigzi Lock n Play is the BEST for those 2 above reasons. Beats all of the above. Simply put its the FASTEST to fill with treats just squeeze to pop in a treat. The orifice is large and accomodates almost any size treat. AND its nearly as challenging as the Kong for my dog to work on. Kong takes more time to fill. Vs all the other toys which take time to twist open stuff and fill into their oftentoosmall orifices.I am busy and dont have time to fumble with openings that are too small difficult to twist/screw that don't fit a variety of treats and i dont want spend energy cutting the treats to size. That's why the Wigzi Lock earns my stars. It also does not have that rubber smell that dogs tend to dislike and its made in the USA.For extra long lasting play i pop in a Nature's Instict Raw Frozen medallion into a Wigzi Lock and that's it! 5 seconds.
    My two little dogs love them I have a Chihuahua 1.5 years and a Smooth Fox Terrier 0.5 years and they just love them. I let them with a cookie with Kong stuff'n and it keep them busy for a very long time.