Kyjen Plush Puppies Water Bottle So far so good

Kyjen Plush Puppies Water Bottle Buddy Dog Dog Toy
  • Cute and soft
  • Great crinkle noise
  • Uses recycled water bottles

  • Easily destroyed I thought that my dane would like this toy because he likes to chase and kick water bottles. He normally isn't hellbent on destroying things but the velcro at the bottom was ripped off within five minutes and the whole thing was shredded not much long after. You're better off tossing a water bottle in an old sock.
    Cute but didn't last long This was a cute toy but it it didn't last particularly long. The velcro is on the bottom end and it was easy for my German Shepherd puppy to start chewing it as it didn't close well with the small Perrier bottle I put into it. Regular water bottles collapsed so quickly so I used the sturdier Perrier but they are a bit larger and this probably contributed to it's demise. It was an inexpensive toy so this was no surprise.
    design flaw My German Shepherds love this type of toy and have had quite a few. The material and seems are durable enough but the design is flawed. After a few chews the velcro closure pops open and the bottle comes out. My young dog is an agressive chewer so that takes about 2 seconds. My older dog is less agressive and mostly just enjoys crunching on the bottle this type of toy protects from sharp edges and the bottles last longer but even for her the bottle pops out in a couple of minutes. So far the best one for my dogs has been the AKC bottle buddies toys.I also tried the Bamboo fat cat toys and those were even less satisfactory as the seams came apart the first play session.
    It lasted more than 5 minutes We're still looking for a dog toy that lasts more than 10 minutes with our dog. The plastic bottle lasted longer than the cow. However my sister's dog is still playing with the one we bought at the same time albeit without legs ears and horns.
    did not survive My dog SUGAR loves to crunch plastic water bottles so I purchased this as a preventive measure to protect her from ingesting the plastic from the bottles she chews. When this product arrived it already had a plastic bottle inserted into it so I gave it to Sugar to play with the bottle buddy. However after 15 minutes she had not only crushed the bottle but chewed the head off of the pig and shredded the remainder of the body pulling the canvas casing out of the plush toy as well as the bottle. The only thing that survived was the velcro closure that holds the bottle in the toy.Sugar is not a destructive dog in that she still plays with toys she had as a puppy and she is now six years old. Only about once a year she chooses to destroy a toy and has done so on about 5 occasions.My point of this is I really don't think that a dog cares if the bottle toy is a cute little pig or kitten or another stuffed animal. What they really enjoy is the crunch feeling and sound of the bottle they are chewing on. So don't get fancy with the packaging be more practical and safety consious in creating a toy that will survive.
    So far so good Unlike other reviewers my puppy Boston Terrier has not been able to tear a hole through this one. I love the idea of the bottle in the middle because my dog loves bottles anyways. It's well made enough to last for my dog and he loves to play with it.
    Grrreat Love the toy most importantly because my little puppy went nuts when he just saw it come out of the box.
    Fantastic toy my greyhound LOVES this toy he tosses it and crunches on it at least once every day. He is very hard on toys but this one has held up very well.
    Nice Toy This toy held up really well with my tough chewing Besenji mix. Although she removed the ears and arms pretty quickly the body really stayed in good condition. Bailey really loved the crunching and crackling of the bottle and I did not have to worry about her cutting her mouth on the plastic. In my opinion this is a really great product.
    Didn't last long! This arrived in good condition but after less than two days with my 2 mini shcnauzers it fell apart.Would not buy again.

    Cute and soft.Great crinkle noise.Uses recycled water bottles. Fun plush character toys with recycled water bottles inside. Dogs love the cute toys, and the crinkle of the replaceable water bottle provides hours of fun.

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