Pet Stages Good Dog Toy Wonderful toy box!

Pet Stages Good Dog Toy Box
  • Handle is great for carrying
  • Lid closes to keep dog out if needed

  • Great!!! Received product in great condition in record time! I was very pleased with the fast service and the condition it arrived in. Would not hesitate to order from their firm again. Already my dog is learning to put his toys in the box and get them out!! It is so much fun!!! Shows how smart Labradors are and how quickly they learn.
    Too high This toy box has withstood moderate use. We store the dog toys in the box and our dog hasn't shown any interest in chewing the box or dragging it around therefore I can't say if it stands up to being used as a toy. However the sides are too tall for a short dog. I have a Welsh Cardigan corgi and we had to bend the sides down or he gagged himself trying to get to the toys. I need to keep looking for something shorter. This is a fine product for a taller dog.
    Great product A Kid's Review very roomy durable fits all my toys and we even use it to store food too since she's just a pomeranian and doesnt take up too much space.
    Caught offguard I was kind of shocked when I opened this to see how NOT sturdy it was. However it is holding up to a very routy French Bully and my new Aussie Silky. They do drag it around which I think is fun in itself. However I do have one complaint the wire brackets on the inside fold up on themselves therefore collapsing the box. That's a drag.
    Great Toy Box! This toy box is great. If you have a spoiled dog then I would get 2 of these 1 for upstairs & 1 for downstairs. If you have company coming over especially other dogs you can put away all of the dog's toys by using the velcro cover.
    this is a great item My puppy is half minpin and half jack russell and this toy box is indestructible. It has been dragged around climbed into and out of and chewed on used for digging practice and it still is bright and cheerful and no amount of chewing has ruined it. It is the perfect size too. A great value. Pet Stages has the best stuff.
    Great toy box This toy box is just the right size not too big not to small. My dog loves digging her toys out of this box. And when I don't want her to have them I can put the top on so that she can't get to it. It also has a festive air about it.
    Wonderful toy box! This is an awesome toy box. We used to have a plastic toy box and our puppy chewed on the corners all the time. She tries to bite the velcro on her Pet Stages Good Dog Toy Box but she is more entertained with the toys now. Its easy to clean and its big enough to fit all of her toys.
    Don't waste your money! This product is WAY overpriced. It also doesn't hold up good at all. My shetland sheepdog bounced on top of it and the two metal rods inside of it came out and poked him! I have mine filled with puppy toys and it won't even stand upright.

    Handle is great for carrying.Lid closes to keep dog out if needed. Good Dog Toy Box has an easy access top that can stay open for dogs if desired. Durable frame keeps shape and can fold away if not in use. Fabric wipes clean and is fade resistant.

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