Premier Buddy Puppy Medium Colors All my doggie family and friends love it

Premier Busy Buddy Puppy Twist 'n Treat Dog Toy, Medium (Colors Vary)
  • Medium recommended for Dalmations, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
  • Start with a wider opening first so your puppy "wins the game", then screw tighter to extend the length of play
  • Recommended for use with the Busy Buddy® Buddy-Berries? or Liver Biscotti® Small Bites treats
  • The two-piece adjustable design allows pet owners to insert a variety of soft, hard or smear-able treats

  • my lhasa apso loves it! I bought this for my Lhasa Apso and he loves it! I was always a big fan of the Kong but my dog doesn't have a snout and he's not a big chewer so it never caught on for him. This toy is great it adjusts so you can make the treats easy or hard to get to. He kind of just tosses it around the room trying to get the treats out.
    Waste of money I bought this thinking it will give my dog some playtime but he chewed the item to the point that it is not useable again. This is the first time I have bought something from Amazon that I feel like I wasted my money.
    My puppy does not like it This toy comes with a very strong rubber odor. My puppy won't touch it. I tried soaking in hot water for a couple of days. It did not get rid of the odor at all. It's a total failure.
    All my doggie family and friends love it what a great christmas gift for the doggies they just love them. It's a trip watching them try to get to the peanut butter.
    Good but my dog is picky Wanted something easier to clean pastes/peanut butter out of than the Kong Toys and this separates so it's definitely easier. You can also vary the amount the dog has access to so he won't get it all out immediately. My dog is finicky and does not spend as much time with it as I think most dogs would. It's a good product.
    This is the only toy my Shih Tzu likes! After adopting a six year old Shih Tzu at the end of April I bought him a number of different toys. This Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat Dog Toy is the only one he likes! I purchased the ExtraSmall size.In the past I've had older dogs and they always loved the kong so I bought a little one for him.He likes it if there is something sticking out the end but isn't into digging it out with his tongue or knocking it around for pieces to fall out.What is great about this toy is how you can adjust the opening so it is a no brainer to start with and then progressively more challenging.I somehow misplaced our first one so ordered another because he likes it so much!He is not much of a chewer at all so it is perfect. Having it a bit softer makes it more appealing to him than if it were harder rubber or plastic.
    Beginner food puzzle I purchased the large for my 50 lb lab mix. The side opening is just large enough to allow pieces of kibble to fall thru when tightened to the most challenging position. The toy easily dispenses food with just the nudge of a nose making this a good option for beginners. The top and bottom halves tend to come unscrewed easily making it very easy for all of the food to dump out. The toy is softer rubberized plastic making it quiet on hard floor surfaces. For that it earns it's stars.The toy is not very challenging but it does slow down eating.
    Even my lazy dog will use this one My dog is extremely foodoriented/motivated but she refuses to work at many of the toys I've bought for her which dispense food. She seems to have determined them to have a low cost/benefit ratio But this one though requiring some effort dispenses the goods without too much effort. These are also very easy to disassemble and clean. She is not an aggressive chewer so I can't speak to durability. It does seem very solidly made however.
    Adjustable fun and quick! My Westie LOVES this toy!Along with the other reviewers and the product description I think it should only be for smaller breeds 20 pounds or less not just small puppies.I got this to help my dog eat his food it is adjustable so sometimes I want him to eat faster sometimes I want him to work for it and he LOVES using this. I fill this thing up I would say.. about two or three table spoons can fit and he eats it up then he is ready to eat out of his bowl. I might crumble part of a dog biscuit but he loves eating kibble out of it just fine! He loves pawing at it and letting it spin.I recommend that when the food is gone you pick up the toy so that your dog does not chew it up and destroy it. It is strictly for food time. Otherwise anything could chew anything up in a matter of unmonitored time.
    Great for working dogs I recently purchased this for my miniature Australian Shepherd puppy. He is 4 months old and doesn't like his food just given to him. He loves a challenge!At first I kept this toy on an easy setting did not twist it very much and the kibble flew out of it. This was too easy so I twisted it down more.Now Auzzy my puppy really has to work to get his food! He paws at it lifts it up and throws it.

    Medium recommended for Dalmations, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc.Dishwasher safe, top rack only.Start with a wider opening first so your puppy "wins the game", then screw tighter to extend the length of play.Recommended for use with the Busy Buddy® Buddy-Berries? or Liver Biscotti® Small Bites treats.The two-piece adjustable design allows pet owners to insert a variety of soft, hard or smear-able treats. The Busy buddy puppy Twist 'n treat medium gives your puppy something good to chew. Left to their own devices, bored Puppies can cause a lot of damage! Satisfy their need to chew with the Busy buddy puppy Twist 'n treat.

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