JW Pet Company Rubber Colors Loads of fun - if you can take the noise

JW Pet Company Good Other Cuz Rubber Dog Toy, Large, Colors Vary
  • Infused with vanilla extract
  • Tough and rugged natural rubber squeaking ball
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Easily washable and fade resistant
  • Large size is great for large breeds

  • Not the best choice for aggressive chewer I have 2 aggressive chewers a 70 pound Boxer and a 180 pound English Mastiff. The only toys they don't destroy in minutes are the JW toys. But the Mastiff chews the feet off the Bad Cuz in a matter of minutes. So I purchased the Other Good Cuz because of a review on this site of the Bad Cuz toy which indicated this one might be better than the Bad Cuz because of the feet. No she chewed the leg stump things off just as quickly. The legs are hollow and when they are gone there are two holes in the toy and it no longer squeaks and gives them a good start on destroying the ball. So this one lasted only about 15 minutes. The better choice for us is the Bad Cuz and we simply cut the feet off before giving it to the dogs. We've had two Bad Cuz balls feet cut off that they have played with daily for months and are still in very good condition.
    Loads of fun if you can take the noise My old fella has had a long love affair with Cuz. I prefer the newer version Other Cuz to the older version for the reason other reviewers have noted the feet are easily chewed off. He has never been interested in chewing the feet on the Other Cuz.The noise this thing makes is completely obnoxious but because it brings so much happiness to my guy I tolerate it. It sounds like a cross between a sick goose and a squeal. This is the only toy he enjoys. Unfortunately he wears out the noisemaker within a few play sessions most times. If these were a little more durable this would be a fivestar toy in our household.
    some dogs may not destroy it Great for gentle dogs. Our Golden loved it then destroyed it in an hour. Toughen it up and it would be ideal.
    No doggies ripping this squeeky out! We purchased this toy for my mom's dog at Christmas. My mom has a small black mutt who loves ripping apart the dog toys and getting the squeeker out. This toy withstood the dog's aggressiveness. My mom said it lasted the longest of all the toys the squeeker part. Once the dog did rip the squeeker out the dog still loved playing with it. The dog played with this toy constantly once it was opened. It was annoyingly funny. It is a wellmade product.
    Excellent toy! This is an excellent toy that stands up to tough terrier play. It bounces in erratic ways due to the short feet and holds up to strong chewing. Be aware though the squeaker seems to be indestructible.
    Don't choke your dog. Toy good at first. Squeaker can be pushed into ball and if pulled back out and glued it will crack and the dog can work the pieces loose. Don't let this happen. Had to take it away because I was worried she would swallow the pieces from the squeaker and choke.
    Not worth the money My nine month old female lab puppy has a box of toys. I thought this would be a great addition. She could hardly get her mouth around the ball so I thought great she can play with this one. I left her with it for five minutes looked down and she had just about removed the squeeky part and already tore the rubber around the squeeky insert. For $8 dollars I thought it would be stronger. I don't recommend this toy as it requires constant supervision. I'm not sure what it's good for since they can't chew on it and it's too heavy to play with like a ball. What a disappointment. Also while an ugly blue color was shown in the ad it showed up in an even uglier peptobismol pink. The ad does say colors vary.
    Not very tough My 55 pound American Bulldog mix loved this for the hour that it lasted before she was able to crack the rubber and start to pull it apart.
    Durable Fun Toy My Dog Loves this Toy! We have a few of these in different colors and styles i.e. good bad other cuz.
    My Bulldog's FAV!!! My dog's are both very spoiled. They have three overflowing buckets of toys on each floor of our house. My English Bulldog loves this toy!!! He chews on it for hours. He takes it on walks. Stares at it for hours if it has happened to roll under the couch. He has chewed it so it is actually broken but he refuses to destroy it completely because it is his favorite. I think he has had the same one for about 2 years.

    Infused with vanilla extract.Tough and rugged natural rubber squeaking ball.Comes in assorted colors.Easily washable and fade resistant.Large size is great for large breeds. The Good “Other” Cuz Large has the same great features you know and love in our iconic super squeaky top-selling line of Cuz toys, but with a personality all it's own. This tough and durable natural rubber ball has expressive eyes and cute little legs, but no feet! With it's long lasting squeaker and it's formidable bounce this toy will provide your dog with hours of boredom busting fun! Suitable for medium and large breed dogs.

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