KONG Dental Dog Extra Large chloe loves it!

KONG Dental Dog Toy, Extra Large, Red
  • Made in the USA of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber
  • Use with KONG Easy Treat
  • Cleans teeth and gums as dogs chew
  • Recommended for dogs 60-90 pounds; measures 6-1/4 inches long
  • Bone-shaped toy with hollow center to hold treats

  • Jake loves this I have a golden doodle. He is a monster in size only. He loves this toy and with a biscuit inside this provides him with stimulation and hopefully some good tooth cleaning action.
    Dog doesn't really care My dog usually loves toys but he could really take or leave this one. I have even filled it with peanut butter trying to get him to like it because I want his dental hygiene to be good but he could really care less.
    To big I purchsed to stuff treats in before I went to work. It is way to big for that purpose. If your dog likes to play with Kongs this would be great for a large dog. Mine is only 65 lbs. and he is only interested in Kongs stuffed with things he can eat. This would take an awful lot of treats.
    My Bulldog Loves her Kong This will be my dog's 4th Dental Kong Toy and I have been buying them for her for a while now. The ridges on the Kong are not as durable as other types of smooth Kong's but I think the ridges help keep her teeth cleaner. She plays with this toy everyday and she jumps up and down everytime it's Kong time.
    chloe loves it! my best friend loves it! she has this toy all over the house. it is tough and very durable. i have already purchased her another KONG toy.
    Not KONG Quality My 1 year old Goldendoodle destroyed this after a few days. I thought that since it was a KONG it'd be indestructible this was NOT the case.After playing a bit of fetch and letting her gnaw on it she quickly had the ends where the holes are chewed away with big chunks missing. I was finding red plastic chunks in her poop for a few more days She has destroyed many toys including the KONG frisbee. If you dog is like this all I can recommend is the original KONG. It has survived 10 months of her chewing.
    kongs are amazing We are very happy with the Kong brand of products. We have a heavy chewing wiredhair pointer and these kongs will last 5 to 6 months before we have to replace them. A great way to help with his boredom.
    Kongs I've a dog that chews most toys to bits. I love Kong products. The extra large black kong is his favorite toy this new dental kong comes in 2nd. I made a mistake with the frisbee I left it with him for a few minutes alone and he put holes in it. I like it more than other frisbee toys as the rubber is better on his teeth. I just have to be more attentive when using it.
    Not for an aggressive chewer We have a 10 month old 65lb lab/mix. She chewed pieces off within five minutes. We had to take it away from her because she was eating it! We have the black Kong which is holdong up great and thought this would be up to the same standards but was not.
    From Package to Trash in 20 minutes I have read that KONG is one of the best toys for dogs with a chewing habit. I bought this item becuase I wanted to get a chew toy that I could put treats inside so that it would keep my dog occupied for a bit. He was occupied for 20 minutesit too him 10 minutes to get the treat and then he continued to destroy the toy for the next ten.

    Made in the USA of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber.Use with KONG Easy Treat.Cleans teeth and gums as dogs chew.Recommended for dogs 60-90 pounds; measures 6-1/4 inches long.Bone-shaped toy with hollow center to hold treats. Dental health is just as important for pets as it is for people, but it's a rare dog that likes getting his teeth brushed. This fun, versatile chew combines the functions of a treat dispenser, toothbrush, and classic fetch toy, all in one. Made from the same super-tough, puncture-resistant natural rubber as classic Kongs, its patented grooved design "squeegees" teeth and gums clean as dogs chew, helping prevent plaque and tartar buildup (not to mention bad breath). Use Kong Breath Paste inside the grooves to motivate your dog to chew and freshen his breath at the same time. Shaped like a bone, Kong dental toys have a hollow interior just made for stuffing with treats or biscuits. Extracting the contents is work that can keep dogs happy and busy for hours, helping prevent boredom, separation anxiety, and related behavior problems like barking, digging, or chewing shoes. Measuring 6-1/2 inches long, the extra-large size is intended for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds, from German shepherds on up to mastiffs and Saint Bernards. As with all Kong toys, supervision is recommended when first giving a new plaything to your pet. Regularly inspect the toy and replace if damaged. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if either you or your dog aren't happy with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund.

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