Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Don't Waste Your Money

Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy
  • For dogs over 20 pounds
  • Holds about 2 cups of kibble or treats (sold separately)
  • Unscrews for easy fillup and cleaning
  • Mixes food and exercise for a fun dog toy that keeps your pet in shape
  • Randomly dispenses treats while your dog plays with it

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    Not for large dogs This is a great idea but not for large dogs like mine. We bought it hoping it would help our dog eat her dinner slower and also tire her out a bit in the process. It worked great for the first week until she realized that by dropping the ball onto the kitchen floor it would break in half and spill the food all over.
    Keeps our puppy entertained! Our puppy loves this kibble toy! She doesn't like to eat out of her food bowl so we fill this toy up with a scoop of her kibble and she rolls it around until food dispenses out of the holes. She likes to play with her food! We didn't have to cut the plastic threads to dispense the kibble faster since her food is small enough to fit through the holes easily. She will be 20lbs fullgrown. We got her the large kibble toy and its wonderful.
    Better product Try the Busy Buddy Twist N Treat. We have a large one for our larger dog and the smaller one for our puppy. This keeps them busy and you can adjust the size of the openings by twisting the toy tighter for smaller food like our puppy's food. I love these and told several people I know about them.
    Don't Waste Your Money Within minutes the edges were coming apart. The food barely came out even though the pieces of food are small even when we made the recommended adjustments to the openings. I would not recommend this product for any size dogs we have a smaller 35 lb dog and an 85 lb dog and the product did not hold up with either of them. We bought the wobble kong as well and it's great. Both dogs love it because while they have to work at it the food actually comes out and we love it because it's holding up. The large and extra large wobble kongs are less expensive than the busy buddy kibble nibble and the quality of the Kong is far superior.
    poor design/ hard plastic This toys base egg is hard plastic offering no gripping surface for my dog to try and chew. The softer framework simply doesn't work. Gave it away after indifference from my dog.
    Great toy needs a tweak I bought two of the bigger size for my corgis and they love it! I was hoping it would keep them interested for hours but my dogs actually figured out how to unscrew it within about an hour. Now it takes them only about 5 minutes to crack it open and get the treats. Solution one strip of scotch tape.
    Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy L This ball is great in theory but the plastic it is made of is horrible. My German Shepherd would try to bite on the ball a little and the plastic easily scratches and cracks. The threading on the part you screw together somehow got messed up and now I am unable to unscrew the ball completely making it hard to clean and get treats out.
    He loves it! I was looking for a toy to stimulate my normally lazy/bored dog who is primarily just interested in food. I found this toy which is just what I was looking for something to keep him entertained and motivated! I am happy to say that he loves it! He's had this for a few weeks now and I usually break it out twice a day and he's not bored yet. It's been fun to watch him play with this because he is so focused on figuring it out. If it gets too easy I think putting in larger food will make it more challenging.
    Didn't work as expected I had high hopes for this toy as my dog loved playing with it. However within about 10 mins. of him playing with it on our kitchen floor the toy somehow became unscrewed and the dog kibble went all over the floor. At first I thought maybe I hadn't screwed the 2 parts together tight enough so I tried it again this time making sure it was tightened appropriately but it became unscrewed again. Talk about a waste of money plus for those of you looking for a toy that doesn't make a lot of noiseif you have tile or hardwood floors this isn't the toy for you.

    For dogs over 20 pounds.Holds about 2 cups of kibble or treats (sold separately).Unscrews for easy fillup and cleaning.Mixes food and exercise for a fun dog toy that keeps your pet in shape.Randomly dispenses treats while your dog plays with it..

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