Kyjen PP01055 Hide A Bee Pet Large No match for a 90 lb. German Shepherd.

Kyjen PP01055 Hide-A-Bee Pet Toy, Large
  • No assembly required
  • Durable enough to withstand tough play
  • 3 squeaker bees hidden inside plush honeycomb
  • Great fun for all ages and breeds
  • Fun plush pet toy keeps your dog occupied for hours

  • Not durable at all My dogs really liked this when it first came out of the box but within less than an hour the bees were unstuffed and ruined and the hive had been torn apart. This might be great for a nonchewer or a tiny dog but definitely wasn't meant for strong chewers or big dogs.
    GreatDurable Toy My six month old lab mix adores this! I really thought she would have destroyed it in no time but I have had it over a month she plays with it every day and sometimes my son and husband even play tug with the bees with her and it is holding up great! She lost a tooth the other day and chewed on one of the bees for comfort getting it a bit bloody. I washed the bees and the hive in the washing machine and they came out great! I like to put a treat in the bottom of the hive then load it with the bees. She grabs the hive and shakes it back and forth until the bees all fly out one by one and she get rewarded with the treat! Even when she is done playing and exhausted I've seen her lay under the table with one of the bees cuddled under her front paws.
    Fun but not much of a challenge for our lab He still enjoys yanking the bees out of the hive but it doesn't take him long at all. We'd picked this up while searching for toys that would challenge him intellectually.
    My Chi Loves this I bought this hoping it would be better than the Platypus sorry if spelling is wrong I bought that and he my Chi/Jack cross Brutus ripped the belly trying to get the stuffed eggs out. But this product is easier for him to play with. He can get his whole nose in the holes. He even carries the hive around looking for a place to hide with it until he can get the bees out. My little Chi Sonny does pick at the hair puff so I have to cut that. But he always likes tags tails and hair on toys.
    Cute and fun Hoosier my 6 mos old Boxer girl loves her bees and hive. The moment I got it out of the box she already had the bees out of the hive shaking the hive around and trying to eat the bees. She does love it but it's not very challenging to her. She is very smart and very rowdy though so I didn't figure it would hold up for her the way it may for other dogs.
    Sturdy toy & dogs love it! We've had this toy since last Christmas & our two poodles still love it! They play with the hive shaking it until a bee flies out then they'll chase the bee for as long as someone will throw it for them.
    Like crack for puppies My Boston terrier puppy loves her busy bee. She plays with the hive as much as she does with the bees. This product is extremely well made and has held up through countless trips through the washer and my puppy's sharklike teeth. Once she inevitably destroys it I will not hesitate to promptly order another through Amazon. Do yourself and your pup a favor and purchase this unique adorable and challenging puzzle toy.
    My two little dogs LOVE this toy! I have a 2yr old Chug Chihuahua/Pug and a 1yr old Puggle Pug/Beagle. They went nuts when I gave this toy to them. My Chug hasn't been into playing with stuffed animals very much but he loves this beehive and the bees. My Puggle is a destroyer and loves to tear the stuffing out of her toys within a day or so of having them but these have survived so far. They both love to get the bees out of the hive and carry them around. I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.
    No match for a 90 lb. German Shepherd. I thought I'd get this for my dog after talking to a friend about a similar puzzle she got for her pitbull. I definitely think this toy is more designed for dogs that are moresubtle in their methods of extracting the bees because mine just decided it would be faster if he ripped the thing open. This took all of about 30 minutes. Don't get me wrong he loves it and carries the mangled hive around with him where ever he goes including out into the yard but I think this toy is better for smaller dogs or ones that won't choose brute force over problem solving. Not to say my boy isn't smart. That's just it he figured it'd be faster to get the bees after shaking them out and chewing them out than by normal methods of retrieval.
    Great toy for inquisitive dogs !

    No assembly required.Durable enough to withstand tough play.3 squeaker bees hidden inside plush honeycomb.Great fun for all ages and breeds.Fun plush pet toy keeps your dog occupied for hours. Prevent your dog from becoming bored with the Kyjen Hide-A-Bee. It helps develop your pet’s intelligence and puzzle-solving skills too. Just hide the 3 included soft plush squeaker bees inside the plush honeycomb. Your pet will have a blast poking around the honeycomb figuring out how to remove the bees. After your dog removes the bees, just place them back inside the honeycomb for more deductive fun. No assembly required. Great for dogs of all ages and breeds. The plush material is durable enough to withstand many hours of rough play.

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