Natural Balance Premium Formula 12 5 Pound Balance indeed!!

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small Bite Formula Food, 12.5-Pound Bag
  • Tested in a variety of different environments and situations, all with outstanding results
  • Same as the Ultra Formula, made specifically for small breed dogs and puppies
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or bleached ingredients

  • High quality dog food for small dogs
    My dog loves it! Great product that's good for your dog. How can you go wrong? Amazon gets it to me right away every time I place my order. Couldn't be better or easier.
    Natural Balance Dog food My toy poodles have lost some teeth and need small bites for their food. They like the taste so this works well for them.
    Review helped a lot! reviews from other buyers/puppy owners were right!my puppy loves this and just can't get enough of it.i'd like to see him bite but he just swallows it. it's pretty normal for dogs/pups and found several ideas to put in a tennis ball to slow him down.he poops smells pretty bad in a finger sized form solid leaves no mark on carpet or wood floor.
    My puppy loves this food! I don't normally write reviews but our mini schnauzer puppy loves this food. We have tried other natural brands like Natural Science Diet IAMS Blue Buffalo and she never runs to the bowl for those! This she will run to the bowl and chow down. Very happy with this product.
    Dog loves it I love the price My 9 year old pug has been eating this food for a few years now and he loves it.I couldn't find it locally for less than $28 for a 12.5lb bag. After my local politicians applied their increased sales tax it was close to $32 a bag.Since I saved a few bucks I bought the pooch a few extra treats.Amazon saved me a few bucks and it arrived at my door step within a week. I will definitely be buying it on Amazon again.
    16 Paws Up! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats hence the 16 paws and everyone is on Natural Balance. When we adopted our cats a year and a half ago they were pretty young and we wanted to start them off right. They've been on NB ever since and have done fantastically. When we rescued an overweight Pomeranian and a scrawny poodle/terrier mix earlier this year we tried several brands but I figured since the cats loved NB and the dogs seemed to have a thing for the cats' food it was a logical next step to give the canine NB a shot. I went to my local pet store and picked up the $3 sample pack and after one day I knew it was a hit. Mickey the Pom has started to slim down and I can actually feel her ribs again. Mollie the mix has filled out and gained more muscle. Mickey also has a very sensitive stomach so this is perfect for her. Their coats have never been better and their energy level is amazing. They're both 3 1/2 years old and they act like puppies chasing each other around.If you're looking for a goodquality dog food at a reasonable price for what's in it this is it.
    Balance indeed!! I first started using this food in April when I got my Boston Terrier puppy. The breeder staunchly preached at me about following a natural feeding regiment that took longer to prepare and cost more than feeding my family did so I went online to look for some alternatives. I ran across this food and not only was it highly recommended it is nutritionally complete and therefore appropriate for both puppies as well as older dogs. The biggest selling point however was that I could also pick it up at my local PETCO so it did not have to be purchased online.My Boston puppy loves it and she does not ever have any of the stinky stinky farts that are so common to Bostons and Bulldogs. Its also a plus that my older Jack Russell Terrier loves it and it has cleared up her skin issues and scratching.
    perfect My senior cocker has only a few teeth left and needs the tiny bites. This is a superior dog food and he loves it.
    best small dog breed food ever My dog likes it eats it and poops well and doesn't get fat and it smells good too. Energy level is good and has reflected on dog's health as good food to give to my dog. Has high quality source meat. rice blend is better than oat for dog digestive i think.

    Tested in a variety of different environments and situations, all with outstanding results.Same as the Ultra Formula, made specifically for small breed dogs and puppies.No artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or bleached ingredients. In response to our small breed dog owners' requests, we now offer two of our most popular dog formulas in a smaller kibble! Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Original Ultra Small Bites Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food and Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Small Bites Potato & Duck Dry Dog Food are made specifically for small breed dogs and puppies! Look for the Small Bites Logo on these special bags! Available in a 12.5 bag.

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