Booda 7025 Floppy Disc 10 Inch Great Product to Keep Your Dog Busy and in Shape!

Booda Floppy Disc, 10-Inch
  • Fun and safe for you and your dog
  • Great for medium dogs
  • makes those hard plastic discs obsolete
  • Soft and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums
  • the durable frisbees that flies, floats and is flexible

  • EXCELLENT FRISBEE FOR MY DOG My dog loves these. This floppy disc is easy on her teeth. Great price Eleven dollars and twenty seven cents. They're around nineteen dollars at the pet stores around my house.
    The only flying disc recommended by our dog I've lost count of how many different flying discs we tried with our dog in her first two years. She didn't want anything to do with the ones that had any kind of rubber smell some of them didn't fly well and others she would tear to bits in nothing flat. But the Booda Floppy Disc is a keeper. Even though she likes to play tugofwar before giving up the disc it holds up well. Her first one lasted over a year despite being left outside all the time summer and winter.After a year she did manage to tear a hole in the middle. But it's still a toy because that left the outer ring which is like a surgical rubber tube still covered in fabric. We use it now inside the house as a tugofwar toy. And of course we bought her a new Booda Flying Disc for tossing around outside.This is a great choice for any dog but we found that it works really well for small dogs who can't handle most flying discs. It's lightweight and won't hurt them. Our dog has a Yorkie friend who loves this disc so much his family had to go out and get one in a smaller size for him.
    Great product! My dog has chewed up lots of plastic Frisbees so I thought I'd try this one. He loves it and he doesn't chew through it either.
    The Best Dog Toy EVER! This is by far my two Golden Retrievers' favorite toy.and it's the only one they haven't destroyedand they've tried!. I read that some of the other floppy discs were of a lesser quality but this one holds up well. We've given it to other dogbuddies and they love it too.
    Booda Floppy Awsome for Smokey The quality of this item is awsome. The price for what you get is exceptional! Much better price than any pet stores! Try it.
    Great product for pooch Booda Floppy Disc My dog loves it and would play 24/7 with it. greets me when I come home or awake with the frisbee in his mouth. it is soft so i don't have to worry bout hurting him when he catches it.
    best disc ever This is the best floppy disc ever! It is durable and indestructable. You can even use it as a water bowl.My dogs love it and even if they both go after it it will not tear appart.Great item.
    Great Product to Keep Your Dog Busy and in Shape! I have an Australian Cattle dog. He is very high energy and needs to play and work. This soft frisbee is perfect to keep him running and happy. It is a very durable product and lasts a long time. I highly recommend this product if you want to have some fun and good bonding time with your dog.
    Dog's favorite toy We tried a plastic frisbee first and my lab had it destroyed before we could even throw it. So I got this frisbee next over 2 years ago and she picked it up immediately and loves it. Much easier for me to get good distance with it than a ball. We now have I think 5 of these frisbees 2 at my parent's house for weekends out of town and 3 at our house we kept losing them and recovering them after we bought new ones. Other than her losing them not one has been destroyed and she uses it as a tug toy as well. She will make sure I have it in my hand and will drag me outside to throw it. In fact we had to stop taking it to the dog park because she did not want to share this toy with any other dog and she's not usually a toypossessive dog. If you have a dog that loves to fetch they will love this toy.
    Booda Frisbee These frisbees are awesome and my pug Claire absolutely adores playing. They hold up well and work just great for playing frisbee on the beach. Very happy with this purchase.

    Fun and safe for you and your dog.Great for medium dogs.makes those hard plastic discs obsolete.Soft and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums.the durable frisbees that flies, floats and is flexible. Booda Soft Bite 10 inch Floppy Disc is designed for flying. It flies, floats and its flexible. This disc is soft and gentle on pets' teeth and gums and is a safe way to play and exercise with your pet. Classified as an active toy to help challenge your dog both mentally and physically.

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