KONG Snake Large Colors Vary For a Boston Terrier

KONG Snake Dog Toy, Large, Colors may Vary
  • Inner fleece fabric pouch holds squeaker
  • Quality, nontoxic materials
  • Squeaker can be removed or replaced easily
  • No messy filling
  • For dogs over 40 pounds

  • Sneeky Snake Great Valentines day gift for dogs! I purchased this snake and put it in my boyfriend and his dogs Valentines day gift basket KONG brand toys are by far the most durable i have purchaed and i spoil my Bf's dog the velco entry that allows you to take out and insert new squeakers is really handy especially if you have company and want the squeaking to stop for a bit I have also purchased the bear and the smaller frog plush KONG animals and they are still in tact! great gift that is long and fun for tug of war but also a cute snake stuffed animal.
    The best! This is my 1 y/o lab/shep's favorite toy. It is durable and has provided hours of fun for her. It comes with a whole pack of replacement squeakers.
    For a Boston Terrier This toy lasted longer than most cloth toys. It took my dog 2 days before he started shredding it. He went for the eyes first and once he was able to separate them next came the interior lining. All together it took about 2 weeks before it became so pieced that it had to be thrown away. On the plus side because it had no stuffing he was able to keep it longer.I probably wouldn't buy one again because my dog is just too aggressive with toys. So we'll be going back to the hard plastic Kong. If you have a dog that doesn't seek to destroy toys this would be a good purchase.
    R.I.P. rest in pieces My boxer/lab a year old took a little longer than usual to tear this one apart and spread stuffing throughout the house. It's advertised as stuffingfree but the head and tail are stuffed. It comes with removable and extra squeakers something I've never seen. If your dog isn't prove to plushiecide you'll love it.
    GREAT toy for my golden retrievers My two goldens love snakes more than any other stuffed toys. They play tugofwar and chase and spend time simply chewing. The dogs can be quite hard on toys. These particular snakes are the best we've ever had. They last longer than other brands many of which made superior claims cost more and failed to live up to expectations. If you want a stuffed snake that will stand up to real dog play the Kong snake is the BEST! I highly recommend purchasing it from Amazon vendor Hautedauge.com. They are a wonderful seller their customer service is terrific.
    Good but not great. I bought both the frog and the snake. One of the snake's eyes came off immediately but no big deal. It took about 3 days for our minidachshund to chew a hole in the snake and another few days for her to chew it completely into 2 pieces.
    Dog's favorite toy!!! Our Collie puppy loves this toy. We play tug of war with it fetch and find it. It's sturdy and so far he hasn't torn it up or ripped it. The squeaker is still intact even though it came with five or six replacement squeakers. We grab one end of the toy the puppy grabs the other end and we pull him running the length of the yard. Then he pulls us the length of the yard. We also play keep away with it. And it's a BIG deal when he gets it and runs off with it. We've had many hours of fun with it and I've bought several to give to friends. It seems to be every dog's favorite toy.
    One of the longest lasting We had this snake for a long time before he was completely toast. Our dogs like so many LOVE to tear into the plush toys and fling the stuffing all about this guy was no exception but it took them a REALLY long time to get to that point. Also with the dual squeekers and backups we were set for at least a year maybe longer but our newest addition a pit bull tore it up sooner than it would have been with our labdog.
    Ripped First Time Dog Played With It My 1year old Lab played with this toy about 10 minutes and had ripped the eyes out. I sewed the hole shut. Within another 5 minutes she had the seams ripped apart and holes in the head of the toy. Not recommended for a chewer.
    The Pittie and the Puggle love it! 12/7/2010 Further update the snake is now half its size had to toss out the head after the two monsters finally tore it in half and Jordie still likes to play tugofwar with it with me. I think I more than got my money's worth with this toy and I bought another one to give them for Christmas.2/26/2010 Update well we've had the snake for almost a full month and it is still in one piece for the most part. Jordie has managed to eviscerate it part of it's guts are hanging out but fortunately I don't have to pick up stuffing after any play sessions. I'm glad I bought this for the guys and won't hesitate to get another.I bought the Kong snake for Roxy the pitbull because she likes soft toys to chew on. Her cousin Jordie a puggle also likes it but he is much harder on toys than Roxy and has managed to chew through both the head and tail to get the squeaker pouches out. So much for the squeakers! Both dogs enjoy playing tugawar with the snake although once again Jordie is much harder on the toy than Roxy so in order to prolong the life of the snake I limit their playtime with it. I don't have any unrealistic expectations that a plush toy is going to last very long with these two but seeing them happy makes me happy so it was worth the price.

    Inner fleece fabric pouch holds squeaker.Quality, nontoxic materials.Squeaker can be removed or replaced easily.No messy filling.For dogs over 40 pounds. What set's Kong dog toys apart from the plush toy pack? Compare and you will see the quality difference. As a bonus, all of these toys come with a FREE replacement squeaker! Simply pull the "hidden" inner tabs on the outside of the toy, remove the fleece squeaker pouch and replace squeaker.

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