Premier Busy Buddy Linkables Orb My dog uses his brain with this toy

Premier Busy Buddy Linkables Orb Dog Toy
  • Mix & match individual links to create infinite toy possibilities
  • designed for curious, food motivated dogs
  • Stimulating & Rewarding
  • 2 point connection point allows you to choose level of difficulty for the dog
  • Fun for dogs of all ages

  • Very challenging puzzle toy! Love it! definitely the most challenging of all three Linkables! probably because it rolls around. Tip teach your dog to use it by using small treats ones that fall out almost automatically. This will help them learn that it's a puzzle toy not a chew toy.
    It's a great toy for intelligent foodmotivated dogs I highly recommend this toy for intelligent dogs that need a good mental workout. My German Shepherd does really well with it especially when I link a couple together. I feed my Cavalier his meals using it since he eats way to fast otherwise.
    Entertaining durable toy I have all of these linkables pieces and my dog really loves them. They stretch out her mealtimes to 15 minutes which protects her sensitive stomach. I sometimes find her playing with them between meals as well. The only drawback is using them indoors. They are heavy and loud when the dog drops them repeatedly on the floor to get the food to come out. They are fine on carpet but like any food toy they will get wet and pick up lint and hair and will need to be washed. So far after three months they are holding up just fine. No signs of wear.
    Great Toy Great toy when coupled with the other 2 linkables. Keeps our dogs quite entertained.
    Great challenging toy I love challenging puzzle toys like this. It's essentially just a tube but there are little teeth on the top and bottom so that when you put treats inside they don't easily come out. These types of toys keep my dog really busy tossing the toy around the house until the treats pop out.
    Not OK for powerful jaws! Bought this item for my 3 year old female golden. We stuffed it with kibble and let her to it. I went outside got the mail chatted with a neighbor for a few seconds and came home to find large chunks around the edges chewed off. Definitely MUST supervise when using this toy. I thought it would be OK because the material is hard like a kong and she knows what to do with other kibble dispensing toys. Needless to say she won't be getting the other elbow linkable that I bought. It will be for our new puppy with strict supervision.
    I love these things! My aussie mix is a little brainiac and unfortunately she isnt able to run/work hard since she has bad hips she is really really smart and has mastered several versions of busy balls. This items has added a whole new level of complexity to the puzzle and she loves this challenge.She is not a big chewer although I think they would hold up pretty well but maybe not after reading other reviews. But her brain is definately working harder to get the treats out.Since they are unusually shaped it takes many tries and tossing around to get the treats out. She really enjoys the challenge and will spend a half hour on her work. I have purchased all three pieces and started with just giving her one configuration and then added the other pieces as she learned how to play with this. I'm glad I added this to her lineup of busy ball toys. She is exhausted when she's completed the task at hand and that makes us all happy.On a product note I purchased directly from a retail outlet and I did not notice any odd odors. I'm very happy with this product especially for the dog who needs a lot of mental stimulation.
    Great toy for food motivated nonaggressive chewers I have a German Shepherd and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They love these toys! I feed my Cavalier his meals using the elbow since he eats way to fast otherwise. I've seen him spend up to 30 minutes trying to work out a treat he's really food motivated. I'm giving it a five star vs a 4 since it goes beyond a toy to a mealtime must for my Cavalier.
    Bought 3 pieces My border collie likes it pretty well but seems to enjoy his Buster Cube much more. It takes a fair amount of time to load treats into Linkables. I might buy it again if the price was around $20 but over $30 is too much.
    My dog uses his brain with this toy Being a new dog owner we're trying a variety of toys for our Basset Hounds. Everybody recommended the Kong but our dogs really like the Linkables. It keeps them occupied it stimulates their brain the treats coming out easily when the dog figures it out no messy peanut butter. They aren't the most durable but we've bought them again since we felt we got our money's worth with the success.

    Mix & match individual links to create infinite toy possibilities.designed for curious, food motivated dogs.Stimulating & Rewarding.2 point connection point allows you to choose level of difficulty for the dog.Fun for dogs of all ages..

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