Everlasting Treat Dogs Liver Large Nothing that good lasts for ever.

Everlasting Treat for Dogs, Liver, Large
  • Use as a tasty snack or with the Everlasting Treat Ball
  • Extreme palatability
  • Natural, edible, digestible ingredients
  • 2 treats per package
  • Great for keeping teeth clean

  • not for indoor use My dog loved the treat but I now have stains all over my house from the product. I recommend that this be used only outdoors.
    These really last Put these in the rubber toy made for them and my dog chews and plays for days. I really appreciate how much she enjoys trying to chew these out for hours at a time. I always keep some in the house.
    Worst Smelling of the Lot but the Dog Loves Them First If you don't have the ball holder don't bother with these. They aren't really everlasting in the ball but they'll last you a whole lot longer for most dogs when inserted in the
    Everlasting treat for dogs. The price was good on these treats. My dog likes them so I bought several so that I woud have some on hand. The delivery was prompt.
    Misleading dimensions. It may just be a mistake in my part but.. under the product description it says the product dimensions are 6x2x9 inches.. this is the packaging not the treat itself if I would have known how small the actual treats are they would not and are notworth the cost Don't waste your money.
    My dog loves these treats!! I have a golden retriever who loves these treats and they are a good chewing alternative since she has started having some anxiety when left alone. They last longer when placed in the treat balls but it can be a pain to get them into the ball so I have given them outside the ball as well. Like I said doesn't last as long but still keeps her busy for a few hours. If you don't have a power chewer it should last longer but a few hours is the max around here.
    Nothing that good lasts for ever. My daughter's 1 year old blue nose pit Dex loves these Everlasting Treats. But I wish they would last longer. We put the treat insides the everlast ball and within eight hours it's done. Maybe it's because he does not touch any of his other chews when he has these everlast treats.
    Be Careful!! Made in China My bull terrier loved this toy. It's long lasting and the only toy that my dog didn't destroy in 10 minutes. I thought it was great until he came down with a fever and intense diarrhea and a low grade fever after getting a piece of it out of the toy. The vet said that it was recalled a few years back but couldn't find out why. She said to stay away from any pet things made in China as there are no regulations on the making of them. I won't be giving them to my dog please be warned and make an informed decision before buying it.
    great Great product dog loves it. The medium ones he can get out of the ball.
    Liver licious I bought a 2pack of the chicken flavored Everlasting Treats to see if my husky/g.shepherd puppy would like them. She ate the first one in one sitting. That wasn't very everlasting and at nearly $4/ea it was an expensive treat. The 2nd one she took 2 3 days to eat so I decided I would buy more of them as an occasional treat. My next puchase included the treat ball and a couple of other flavors Liver and Vanilla Mint. I've got a Chicken and a Liver treat in the ball now and she enjoys them both. It takes effort now to enjoy it and she works on it for over a week until there's nothing left but a treat disc left in the ball. The ball definitely helped a lot in slowing down the consumption time of the treat and she enjoys playing with it. The Vanilla Mint is her fave though.

    Use as a tasty snack or with the Everlasting Treat Ball.Extreme palatability.Natural, edible, digestible ingredients.2 treats per package.Great for keeping teeth clean. Everlasting Treats are made from natural ingredients without plastics or polymers. They are edible and digestible with an irresistible taste dogs love. Raised dental ridges safely scrub the teeth clean. Can be used as a snack anytime or inside the Everlasting Treat Ball for a chewing challenge.

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